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Caleb Lim
 • 12 May 2014 254 reviews 39 followers
I visited Choo Choo chicken to use my Groupon voucher and we (2 adults + 2 kids) shared a $29.90 fried chicken. We had the chicken done half on soy seasoning and half in original seasoning. The soy one is really good! I would have liked to try the spicy options but my kids preference took priority. 

This is a small half shop house lot that takes max of 24 pax in compact mode, you will also get a fried food smell on your clothes if you linger to long.

I had korean fried chicken at a eatery ay Bukit Timah SC and their portions is larger with a thicker and crispier batter, at similar price. So my search for yummy korean fried chicken continues....

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