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Took my wife to this place near our home for a 1st time try out of their dinner.  We ordered a sirloin steak and a fish & chips.  Both comes with the salad spread.

Steak $25 : Very good
Its a decent sized steak done up well flavoured and juicy. Comes with a basked potatoe.

Fish & Chips $23 : Terrible
The batter is lumpy and its over fried on the outside, and under fried on the inside.  I ended up eating only the white fish meat and discarding the batter.  It comes with fries, which some are over fried also.

I think, in general, anything that's fried there seems to have a problem.  Oh ... 2 cups of ice water cost $1.

Salad buffet : This is their saving grace.  Its well stocked with good ingredients.  3 types of soup - mushroom, minstrom, clam chowder - all well packed with ingredients.  Good selection of greens, and whips.  The fruits are good, and comes with ice cream machine and toppings, and bread and butter pudding.  There's also hot serving of pasta and fried noodles. This spread is an eye opener - what you would not think you'll find for a heartlander makan place in Toa Payoh.

Environment : Its large, airy, well lighted, and well air conditioned.  Very well set up for family and has a row of window seats for 2. Enough room for walking and getting plates and salad.  Its so large that they closed off 1 section.

Service : Attentive. Maybe the crowd on a Sunday night is not too packed, and so we could get service. They seem to be promoting a value for money Father's day buffet next week.

I think this place is a good find  - so long as you're not eating anything fried.  Its good value for money for comfortable and casual dining.

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