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719 East Coast Road, 459069
Asian, Beer, Indian, North Indian, South Indian, Wines
+65 68846884
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Daily - Thu: 10:00 - 22:30

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Chutney Mary is a Indian fast food restaurant serving authentic street-style food from India. Choose wide rango of snacks ranging from fruit and salads, to potatoes and puffed rice. Meat lovers can opt for kebabs. Catering is available as well.

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A must come again place

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 43

This restaurant destroys my association of "Good Indian food =  Little India",  they have maintained a strong Moghul style food with minimum diution from the South Indian style of spices !

Food:  We ate a huge amount of Puri so much so that I could not eat much of the main dishes.  Memorable dishes were the Chicken Tikka,  Shashliks (meat on skewers),  Palak Paneer, Butter chicken,  prawn curry.  My only regret is that I could not eat too much of it. 

Value:  Higher priced than most stalls in Little India but worth the money spent because of the large servings and the quality of the food.

Ambience:  Basic, some improvements needed.

Service:  Top quality.

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Should change "Fast Food" to "Indian Cuisine"

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 780

The slogan that the restaurant uses in the publicity is "Fast Food",  but the quality of the food is no synonymous with fast food,  it is very good Indian Food.  The words fast food means OK food served fast, whereas the food here is very tasty and served stylishly !

Food:  We started off with a many Puris  - these are hollowed out rice cakes which are then filled with the myriad of sauces and purees that add to the flavour.  Pani Puri, Dahi Batata Puri.  After eating our fill,  we were served Tikka,  this style of Tikka takes me back to Karachi, years ago when I had it at the Intercontinental Hotel in Karachi,  succulent, tender, tasty, well BBQed.  The Golden Prawn curry was excellent too.

My two reference points for quality Indian food are:  Butter Chicken and Palak Paneer.  The restaurant passes the test easily with these two dishes.  Hard to find better ones in Singapore.  Paneer with the correct consistency and taste are hard to come by in Singapore.

The Mutton Bryani was excllent,  tender pieces of lamb with fragrant spices.

Dessert was Gulab Jamun - super sweet,  and their Kulfi -  must save space in your tummy for these,  do share as they are large portions !

Value:  The prices are not fast food prices (e.g. in many Indian restaurant in Little India) and they are restaurant prices but the quality of the food gives you good vaue at these prices.

Ambience:  It is set up as a fast food restaurant,  could do with an improvement to match the quality of the food and prices !

Service:  Excellent.

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Tasty North & South Indian dishes

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 609

We started with the Pani Puri (SGD$9.00 small / SGD$13.00 medium) - crispy puff semolina pancakes served with condiments and a bowl of chilled condiment beverage. So we just scooped a little of everything to fill up the hollow puffs. I enjoyed the crispiness and coarse texture of the durum wheat paired with spiced mashed potatoes.

I really enjoyed eating the Dahi Batata Puri (SGD$9.00 small / SGD$13.00 medium) - crispy puff semolinas filled with mashed potatoes, lentil dumplings, chickpeas, sweetened yogurt, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, green chilli and coriander.  We popped the tiny puffs wholly into the mouth and wait for the explosion of flavours, as the fillings cascaded smoothly unto the tongue like a (wet) dream, consisting of sweetness, saltiness, spiciness and a little hint of sourness, all in one bite. It was nearly fun to eat these.

The Non-Vegetarian Kebabs Platter (SGD$19.00 small / SGD$30.00 medium) consisting of murgh malai, chicken tikka, fish tikka, seekh kebab. I liked the chicken tikka but shall go more into detail on it later. The murgh malai (creamy and aromatic marinated chicken) was tender and melty. The fish tikki was good for me too, bearing an uncanny resemblance to our "otah" in taste and texture. As for the lamb seekh kebab, it was a tad rough and dry.

Another memorable favorite of mine was the Mutton Biryani served with Pappadum chips (SGD$16.50), served in a tiny pot that instantly drew out the hungry bugs in us. The basmatic grains were flavoured and cooked to a beautiful golden brown, very tasty and filled with generous cubes of tender mutton bits.  This was unstoppable addiction once we started. Paired with the flaoured pappadum chips adding a touch of crisp, this dish alone sufficed to satisfy the palate and tummy.

My favoritest dip was the Goan Prawn Curry (SGD$14.00 small / SGD$24.00 medium) - coconut based prawn curry. It was creamy, rich, spicy and filled with springy prawns within, making for a fantastic accompaniment for naan or rice!

The Mango Kulfi Falooda (SGD$8.00) was another enticing palate-pleaser for me. Cold, icy cubes of frozen milk redolent with the mango toppings and pistachio bits, instantly sweetening the tongue and leaving us basking in the mango's delightful aroma.

Following that, there was the Gajjar Halwa (SGD$7.00), a sweet dessert pudding made of condensed milk and mashed carrot. The first bite made me think of mashed sweet potatoes literally, and a few more bites even ascertained the earthly, coarse texture was similar as well.

Finally, Gulab Jamun (SGD$7.00) - solid milk balls with a soft, spongy texture drenched in a sweet syrup. My all-time favorite Indian dessert, I enjoyed the light, chiffony texture of this dessert and the nectarous spoonfuls of syrup complementing its milky flavour. It was the perfect finish to this meal.

For full review and more detailed information, please refer:

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North Indian Casual Bistro, With Some South Indian

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Reviews: 459

Full Chutney Mary review here:

Chutney Mary is a small, casual bistro in Siglap, that for the better part of a decade, has been serving up tasty, authentic, bistro quality North Indian and South Indian food. Despite very little media publicity, Chutney Mary has gained a strong following via word-of-mouth, securing its longevity amongst the highly competitive restaurants of the area.

Ambience at Chutney Mary is casual functional. The place is not built for comfort, furniture is simple and clean, and the atmosphere does live up to its 'fast food' tagline. While the place get a lot of natural sunlight during the day, the low ambient lighting within means very little light at night. Best for a quick meal, in fact, they also get a lot of takeaway orders.

Service at Chutney Mary is definitely above your average fast food outlet, more like bistro style service. Proper cutlery is used, which staff will help to change during your meal. They're also rather friendly, albeit somewhat halting with the English language. I also commend them for introducing the various dishes, decent product knowledge on their part.

Food at Chutney Mary is primarily North Indian cuisine, which they do very well, with a small selection of South Indian dishes. Generally, I find food at Chutney Mary to be very tasty, delicious, and authentic, except for their chaat / street food snacks, which end up tasting similar due to the use of the same sauces. Portions are designed for communal dining, so individual dining is not recommended. Prices at Chutney Mary are similar to most mid-range bistros, budget about SGD $28 per person for a meal here.

Loved the Dhai Batata Puri (SGD $9), which has crisp, hollow semolina puff balls, filled with mashed potatoes, lentil dumplings, chickpeas, sweet yoghurt, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, green chili, and coriander. A delighful 1-bite mouthful, this chaat / street snack is absolutely delicious. Highly recommended!

Our group gave the thumbs up to the Allu Tikki Channa (SGD $7.50), a savoury dish of pan fried potato patties, covered in a savoury spicy chickpea gravy, drizzled with mint chutney. The flavours are complex yet satisfiying, and the heat from the chili is manageable. Highly recommended!

Loved the Chicken Tikka (SGD $13), with its meaty, juicy, well marinated, savoury boneless chunks of chicken meat. The juice of the chicken meat runs clear, and is tender in texture, yet the outside still has that smoky barbecue / grilled / tandoor aroma. Excellent, highly recommended!

The Gajar Halwa (SGD $7) is a sweet, North Indian dessert pudding whose main ingredient is grated carrot, hence the bright orange colour. Those eating it for the 1st time are usually surprised that this is a sweet dessert, not savoury. The version here is not overly sweet, with a nice chewy texture, and some crunch from the nuts. Good!

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