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Back to Cicheti52 Kandahar Street
 • 27 Feb 2014 223 reviews 5 followers
Pronounced 'chi-keh-tee', this shophouse on Kandahar Street (opposite the Malay heritage centre) is buzzing for the right reasons, and those reasons are the Venice-style small plates served in an Itlian bàcari (wine bars). Small, intimate and unpretentious, Cicheti's decor has a little bit of upcycling (the tables legs and washrooms), interesting wall art and occupying pride of place is the 'imported from Italy' two-tonne oven that fires up pizzas in no more than 90 seconds. What to eat: The pizzas of course, which are mean for sharing. Play it safe with a Margherita (tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and basil leaves, $17) or try the Bismark, which is basically a margherita topped with ham, bacon, mushrooms and an egg cracked over the pie ($19). The crust is soft and pillowy and meant to be picked up, folded and enjoyed. Other mains include a delightful cioppino ($27), a hearty stew of seafood (fish, prawn, squid and clam) and tomatoes − best when soaked up with bread,

I spent $50 per person.

Must tries: cioppino, Salted chocolate cake, Bismark pizza

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Ala Carte, Hidden Find, Nice Deco, People Watching

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