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Cilantro has closed.

Review for (Closed) Cilantro (Marine Terrace)


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Address: #01-71, 59 Marine Terrace, 440059
29 Jul 2008 • 2 Reviews • 0 Follower

A Disapointment

I had been waiting in anticipation for the opening of the Marine Terrace branch as I had read that the specialty would be Japanese food. Yums! Or so I thought. After checking that the launch date at was on 26 Jul, I thought that giving them 2 days to settle in would be sufficient and patronised the stall last night.

My husband and I were rather disappointed. First of all, there wasn't anything special on the menu, just the usual suspects of unagi don, chawan mushi, katsu don etc, no fusion cuisine here! My unagi don saw one slice of unagi tucked in rather hard rice and accompanied by 2 sliced pickles. I guess for $5.50 I shouldn't expect too much, but more garnishes like shredded cabbage or seaweed strips would have added to the taste and presentation. For the same price I have had 2 slices of unagi with garnishes and miso soup at a stall at the newly revamped Chinatown hawker centre. Frankly, there was nothing special about the unagi or the sauce and neither was there anything particularly memorable about my husband's katsu don as well.

Secondly, we found the service to be rather inconsistent. A nice chap greeted us and took our orders but the follow up was poor. Another guy

handed us our food without a word or a glance, which left us wondering if it was our order since there were other customers waiting around.

When we asked for plastic spoons, since we were doing a takeout, he snapped that he was looking for it and that he was only helping out and not really a server. This same guy had earlier been seen haphazardly hacking at some onions (I think) and using his handphone at the same time which didn't do much to improve my impression of the cooking standards.

As a typical Singaporean, I'm quite willing to put up with relatively bad service for good food. But when the food is just run of the mill, it'll take more than a snazzy facade to entice me back. I'll probably give it another go in a month or so just to see if things have improved but as of now, I'm not impressed.
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Cheap Eat/Budget, Lunch, Dinner, Take Away, Children/Family, Vibrant/Noisy
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$11 for 2 pax
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