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Clover GAC Seletar has closed.

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Address: via Lobby 2, General Aviation Centre, 80 Seletar Aerospace View, 797563
25 Jun 2014 • 70 Reviews • 2 Followers

Buffet Dinner

The restaurant is located at the first floor, right at the end. There is both indoor and outdoor dining area. The indoor dine in area is split into 2 rooms, one in the room serving sushi and sashimi, and the other room serves the rest of the food. The latter room has 2 booth seat tables and seats about 8 persons, while the first room is a combination of booth seat, sofa by the wall, with also some tables in the middle and seats about 30. But I think sitting outdoor will be better as one will be able to see planes fly by while dining.

We are showed to a table at the first room which has a bright and wooden look. A hotpot with stock is placed at the table. There is also a bowl of clips with table number on them, on the table. When ordering dishes at the counter, please clips the clips on the name of dish at the signs hanging at the counter.

For Japanese Buffet Dinner,
it costs $39.90 for an adult and $16.90 for a child during weekend,
it costs $36.90 for an adult and $14.90 for a child during Monday to Thursday.
 ( Note that there is no GST or service charge here).

At the sashimi and sushi counter, there is order to make maki, sushi and salmon sashimi. There is also Edamame Soy Beans, octopus and marinated seaweed available at the counter too.

Next station is a buffet spead of items for the hot pot such as Abalone mushrooms, Golden mushrooms, Shitake mushrooms, cabbage, bai cai, carrot slices, sweet potato slices, fish cakes, prawns and fish slices. The hotpot base looks plain but tastes great especially after adding all the items.
This is followed by the assorted spread of condiments for dipping sauce for hot pot. There is minced radish, minced ginger, minced garlic, chilli slices, pozu sauce, sesame sauce, chilli sauce, soya sauce, and chopped spring onion. I have great fun making my version of dipping sauce.

Next the DIY tea section with a airpot and a great selection of tea bags (White, Earle Grey, Mint, Ginger and Green). This is followed by a selection of drinks such as Fruit Punch and Iced Tea for its cold bevarges section. The ginger tea is quite a great choice after the meal, especially when I am feeling quite cold after the meal. It also calms my stomach.

Next is the open concepted kitchen which served order to make Teppanyaki beef steak, pork, chicken, saba, mixed vegetables. The chicken is sliced very thinly and tastes very tender. The vegetables is well cooked and flavourful. The beef is a bit difficult to chew. One also can place order for the raw meat to be cooked in hotpot at this counter. The counter also served Chawanmushi (Steamed Egg), Ramen, Chahan ( Fried Rice), Age Gyoza (Fried Dumpling), Teba Saki (chicken wing), Tori Karrage(Fried Chicken), Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Stick), and Tsukune (Grilled chicken ball stick). The chawanmushi is light and smooth. The yakitori with the crunchy leek is juicy, as well as the meatball stick.

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$40 for 1 pax
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