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Buffet (8 votes), High Tea (6 votes), Quiet (6 votes) ...

This dining enclave with the colonial architectural charm and contemporary furnishings offers a variety of western and local a la carte fares along with an extensive Taiwan Porridge menu and local degustation menu. It also serves the ever-popular Local High Tea.

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durian ice cream
durian ice cream
Goodwood Park Oreo Durian Cake
Goodwood Park Oreo Durian Cake
Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park  Taiwan Porriage Sze Chuan Prawns
Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park Taiwan Porriage Sze Chuan Prawns
Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park Taiwan Porriage Buffet Mince meat with egg yolk
Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park Taiwan Porriage Buffet Mince meat with egg yolk
Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park Durian Dessert Buffet
Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park Durian Dessert Buffet
  • Durian Crepes 3 votes
  • Durian Pancake 3 votes
  • black pepper beef 2 votes
  • durian oreo cake 2 votes
  • durian puff 2 votes
  • Apple Tart 1 vote
  • Bamboo shoots with Chilli Oil 1 vote
  • Braised Duck 1 vote
  • Durian Mousse Cake 1 vote
  • Durian Pandan & Coconut Cake 1 vote
  • Fried Pomfret 1 vote
  • Omelette with Chye Poh 1 vote
  • Taiwan porridge 1 vote
  • barley beancurd dessert 1 vote
  • braised pork belly 1 vote
  • durian pudding 1 vote
  • fried omelette with crunchy chye poh 1 vote
  • prawn omelette 1 vote
  • sze chuan prawns 1 vote

Latest Review for Coffee Lounge

Overall RatingBased on 22 reviews
Most helpful review:

The folks loved it and I (surprisingly) enjoyed it too~

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 196

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Since its inception in 1984, Goodwood Park Hotel’s Coffee Lounge has been well-known for its scrumptious Taiwan Porridge. For those who love variety, do check out the a la carte buffet, which offers 31 traditional favorites to accompany the piping hot bowls of watery rice porridge or sweet potato porridge. Small eaters may wish to opt for the a la carte menu (46 selections) instead.

Gluttony us went for the a la carte buffet ($39++ per adult, $19.50++ per child), which also includes a dessert buffet. I’ll start with the must-try savory dishes….

The first wave of food arrived- Taiwan SausageShredded Bamboo Shoots andWok-fried Beef with Black Pepper. The sausages were juicy and chewy, but a tad too salty for my preference. My favorite savory plate that night was the Bamboo Shoots, coated with chilli oil which added an interesting dimension to mellow vegetable. We enjoyed the tender black pepper beef very much too.
Salted fish with Salted EggMuy Choy with PorkFried Omelette with Chye Poh and Braised Pork Belly with Dark Soy Sauce should never be absent when having porridge! Mention-worthy is the omelette, which stole our hearts with its light, fluffy texture and intense bursts of flavor from the chye poh.

Like popping popcorns, I just can’t stop myself from having more Fried Chicken with Prawn Paste. Bite into the crispy skin and savour the well-marinated meat!

Everyone knows that humans have another stomach for desserts! Although the offerings are limited and some cakes not particularly thrilling, my sweet tooth was nonetheless satisfied by a couple of exceptional desserts.

Elegant and captivating, the Lychee Charlotte consist of subtly sweet moist sponge layers. The creamy and dense Cheesecake was another highlight; I couldn’t help myself from having seconds.

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Disappointing porridge and dessert buffet!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 180

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Overall the food that I've tried here were not bad, like our home-cooked food, but nothing outstanding. The dessert buffet was quite disappointing. To me, it looks better than it taste.. The quality of their desserts were mostly below average, not much variety and none of them was memorable. So with this price of $39++ per person, I felt the price is not on par with the quality. They really need to improve in their dessert quality and quantity. This explains why the restaurant was quite empty on a Saturday, only some additional walk-in and tourists came halfway during the lunch. Probably have to wait till the durian fiesta in June or July for good desserts...

Service was very good. Plates were cleared regularly and water was refilled promptly too.

I really like the cosy ambience here, it's a pity that the food and desserts were not outstanding. Hope they can improve to make me go back again......

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Not worth paying....

Food/Drink 1 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 3

Went to the hi-tea with a few friends on weekday afternoon, 3 Jun. Very disappointed; not such varieties and food not tasty at all.

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