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Crust (Holland Village)

Located at Holland Village, Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar specialises in healthy gourmet Australian Pizzas.

Mon - Thu: 17:00 - 23:00

Fri - Sun: 12:00 - 01:00

+65 64672224
$19 based on 26 submissions
Dinner (12 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (11 votes), After Work (9 votes)
Neon A. Drew


Went for dinner with a group of friends for the first time. With a great variety of flavours and toppings, also gret starters! For more pictures and review :

The HGW community like this place for...

  • morrocan lamb2 votes
  • Gourmet Cheese1 vote
  • Med Lamb pizza1 vote
  • Spicy Pesto Scallops1 vote
  • Vegetarian Supreme1 vote
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Based on 26 votes
13 Dec 2013 • 6 reviews • 0 follower


Went for dinner with a group of friends for the first time. With a great variety of flavours and toppings, also gret starters! For more pictures and review :
26 Apr 2013 • 37 reviews • 2 followers

love the toppings

i love the toppings of our two pizzas. morroccan lamb and the other one, i think it's called supreme or something on that line. however, i was disappointed with the crust. it was too thick for my liking (although it is way better than the pizza hut variety) i like my pizza crust thin and wood-fired so this was a little let down for me. i guess it's personal preference here... 

for pictures and full review of the pizzas we had, visit:
02 Feb 2013 • 7 reviews • 0 follower

Crust - Great pizzas, but average service.

Full review at:

Been to Crust three times already, and have always enjoyed it. The pizzas here have a delectable crust, as the name suggests, and they have a great variety of pizzas with great combinations of toppings.

My top three recommendations are (more reviews and photos at the link above): 

Mediterranean Lamb: Overall very tasty and the lamb and feta combination is great, but the tangy yogurt drizzle made the pizza superb. 

Wild Mushroom: Great. Mix of wild mushrooms brought a nice earthy flavour along with the asparagus and pine nuts, really emphasized with the truffle oil which also added a nice fragrance. Delicious with the Bechamel sauce base.

Gourmet Cheese: My favourite pizza here and it keeps me coming back. Deliciously gooey, melty cheeses, the mozzarella being a perfect springy base, the gorgonzola adding a crumbly salty kick, and the feta being a creamy binder for all of it together. I have dreams about this pizza, it is that good.

Overall, have always enjoyed my food here at Crust. Definitely a better outlet than the one at Thompson, so if you're looking for great pizza, here's a place for you.

05 Dec 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

BEST Pizza in Singapore!

After having dined at the restaurant twice and ordered delivery once, I have to say that Crust Pizza deserves the title of "Best Pizza in Singapore"! The pizzas have a really crisp crust and the toppings are delicious and the portions generous. And best of all, these gourmet pizzas are healthy!
 The Wild mushroom pizza was really yummy and was topped with asparagus, pine nuts and a dash of truffle oil. This pizza is a vegetarian's dream!   My friends and family really enjoyed the Mediterranean Lamb pizza. The lamb is juicy and tender and went well with the lemony mint yoghurt. Even the kids at our table enjoyed this pizza!   The Five Spice Pork Belly pizza was unusual and tasty. The toppings included pears, rocket, walnuts and a sweet balsamic glaze.   Another Asian-inspired pizza that we tried was the Roast Duck pizza. The use of hoisin sauce made it feel just like Peking duck on a pizza!   Our family loved the casual laidback feel to Crust. The service was friendly and prompt and we never felt hurried even though the restaurant was full the two times we were there.   We ordered delivery once and were pleasantly surprised that the pizzas arrived hot and without the usual sogginess. Ordering was easy though I hope they introduce online ordering soon. 
04 Sep 2012 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Best Crust I've tasted in awhile. Yum.

I didn't know that Australian pizza brand Crust had already landed on Singapore's shores so when a friend suggested we head down to the Crust outlet at Holland Village, I was pretty surprised. I have heard good things about Crust from my friends and family overseas so I was eager to try it out for myself

Between the three of us, we shared 2 half and half pizzas. We went with the Pepperoni, Meat Deluxe, Moroccan Lamb and Roast Duck.

There is only 1 pizza size - a rectangle 13 x 8 inches.

The crust is really yummy. Crisp yet doughy enough to not feel like you are eating some toppings on a cracker. The winners here were the two meat pizzas. The Pepperoni and Meat Deluxe were loaded with crisp vegetables that complemented the meat toppings. Crust is also not stingy with the amount of meat that is put on each slice. Unlike other establishments where you can count the number of pepperoni slices on your pizza, Crust really loads on the toppings.

One of my friends who has tried Crust before recommended the Moroccan Lamb pizza. While the pizza itself is a good idea (it comes with a lemon slice and a great yogurt sauce on top of it) , the lamb slices on ours were a little overcooked and lacking in flavour. The Roast Duck Pizza was also quite disappointing. The duck seemed to be smoked instead of roasted and the hosin sauce used was overly sweet, I also couldn't wrap my head around the Bak Choy that topped the pizza (but that's just me)

I'll definitely be back to Crust again for their yummy meat pizzas. Plus the location at Holland Village really does make it a lively and fun place to hang out with friends on a Friday night.