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Review for Crystal Jade Golden Palace (翡翠金阁)


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AsianCantoneseChineseDim SumTeochew
Address: #05-21/22/23/24, Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, 238859
22 Jan 2014 • 579 Reviews • 20 Followers

A great idea for CNY dinners

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The Crystal Jade Group of restaurants is one of those reliable chain-name restaurants that one can always depend on for a good meal. Of the lot, the mixed Teochew-Cantonese Golden Palace branch at Paragon is the most refined and my pick for a meal that'll definitely impress. The imposing décor with deep red and s*** black hues, luxurious chandeliers and large cavernous hall, is matched by the exquisite fare and generally faultless service.

We were here for an invited tasting, and returned twice to sample their festive CNY offerings.

1) Hearty Five-Treasure Yusheng ($128.80): best yusheng ever. Golden Palace's rendition is truly one-of-a-kind, with luxurious gold leaves, juicy mangoes, and hazelnut oil all upping the ante in extravagance. The large portion can easily feed up to 12 persons.

2) Deep Fried Japanese Amadai ($54 at $5.50 per 37.5gm): some Jap delicacy, u hv to eat the scales and all. A lightly adorned dish made delicious by great frying and really fresh ingredients.

3) Stewed Canadian Lobster ($88 at $11 per 100gm): that velvety halibut fish gravy is awesome, it complemented the delicate springy flesh of the lobster

4) Sauteed Kurobuta Pork Strips ($28): note that this is an ADVANCED order, so remember to call ahead to pre-order this. Very scrumptious, the succulent pork strips were uniquely fragranced with extra virgin coconut oil

5) Braised Sea Cucumber and Scallop ($68): sea cucumber was braised to chewy perfection, and the scallops were cooked just right, but its pricing was quite excessive

6) Glutinous Rice Cake ($23.80 for whole cake) or "nian gao": steamed and lightly tossed with shredded coconut and peanuts. It didn't have that yucky sickeningly sweet and slightly stale after-taste present in most nian gaos. I don't usually eat this, even during the CNY festive period, but I actually finished this up, so that's saying something.
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