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Review for Cuisine Master Hot Pot


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Address: 68 Boat Quay, 049856
06 Sep 2013 • 2065 Reviews • 262 Followers

Hot Pot With Service


Hot pot is usually associated with the terms buffet, low end ingredients, dirty and messy. Enter Cuisine Master Hot Pot, which intends to change that perception.

At Cuisine Master Hot Pot, one can expect to be served while having a menu that is crafted out with top notch ingredients taking into account how one's body absorb nutrients.

For a start, knowing that the body absorbs vitamins best when it is hungry, we start with a fruit platter.

The appetiser is an assortment of marinated tomatoes, peas and black fungus.

Time for the soup to line up the stomach. At Cuisine Master Hot Pot, the restaurant believes in preparing superior stock for the soup, and once the items are cooked the soup is tainted. Thus it is best to have the soup before any of the items are cooked. There are two flavours- the mushroom based soup where one can really taste the goodness of the shrooms boiled for hours and a more hearty and thicker seafood base with sea cucumber, fish maw, scallop and dried abalone in the mix.

Time for the seafood, we had the prawn with turbot combination. Once can taste the freshness in every bite.

This was followed by more vegies (my mom would have been proud of me) with Chinese yam. This was then followed by the  Chef's special prepared Shrimps and Pork Ball.

For more meat we then had the freshly sliced Kurobuta pork and tender veal tripe.

This was then followed by the Matsutake mushroom platter before ending the meal with a staple of Special Home-made noodles.

Dessert was a light white fungus with longan and red date.

The best part of the meal is that despite the eleven courses, one does not feel too stuffed by the time they leave the place and the portions are ideal for a fulfilling yet not over-fed diet, with the focus on the quality of the ingredients.

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After Work, Business Dining, Girls Night Out, Private Dining, Quiet, Relaxed, View/Scenery
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$80 for 1 pax
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