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Address: 68 Boat Quay, 049856
06 Sep 2013

Premium hot pot experience

  The Cuisine Master Hot Pot has certainly brought the hotpot/steam boat concept up to a great new level. The restaurant's predecessors are opened in China, helmed by Master Chef Zhong Li Wen. CuisineMaster would like to bring over the luscious concept of hot pot into Singapore, with course set menus instead of ala carte and buffet styles.    Full review with more photos on:

While many diners are wondering when the steamboat pot will be served, the service staff easily surprised all of us by simply activating the automated hot pot (which they called 'ding' 鼎)to reveal it. Another revitalizing sides platter includes Black Fungus, Green Peas with Preserved Olive Leaves and De-skined Cherry Tomatoes. Not exactly my favourite but I like how the tomatoes are dipped in orange juice to give a tangy sensation before we start off with the main course.    A friendly service staff will be stationed at the side and help you with all the cooking. He or she will also be happy to explain to you the steps and procedure in all the set menu courses, ranging from SGD78++ to 198++ per pax. If you would prefer enjoying the hotpot yourself, you can kindly request the staff to excuse himself.    At Cuisine Master Hot Pot, the two commonly used soup broth are the Golden Soup and the Mushroom Soup. 

The Mushroom Soup (菌,fungus) was first served before all other ingredients are cooked in it. The broth is specially prepared with several premium fungus and herbs to give a nourishing indulgence. The soup is clear, palatable and most importantly, nutritious. 

The seafood platter was cooked in the Golden Soup (Jin 金), the broth that was simmered for a good 10 hours, reaching a delectable creamy texture which taste extremely nourishing. The succulent and luscious baby abalone and sea cucumber, along with the springy fish maw were impressively savory.  
I was really dazzled by the presentation of the next dish - Chef's special prepared Shrimps and Pork Balls. It's hard to choose between the Shrimps and Pork balls as both were chewy and juicy, leaving me craving for more. 

After the Prawn with turbot combination, we were served fresh Beef slices and Kurobuta Pork. I personally thought the Kurobuta Pork was a little tough but it was still bitable. The beef slices one the other hand was a chewy pleasure to the tastebuds.

I won't be lying when I say that the handmade noodles was delicious, especially when I specifically requested for another bowl despite my carbo diet. For some reason, the noodles tasted especially delectable (and very bouncy) in the bowl of Golden Soup. Perhaps the soup has became more flavourful after having all the ingredients cooking in it.

To fight off the post food slump. we enjoyed the White Fungus with Longan and Red Dates that came just at the right time.     Love,  Celine   
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Lousy and slow service

It took 30 mins before the soup was served. Food took 1 hour to be served completely. Our food were burnt in the steamboat as the staff did not top it up the soup in time even though we are the only table in the whole restaurant.
Management response from Cuisine Master Hot Pot, published 28 Apr 2014
Dear Miss Pot Belly, Thank you for choosing Cuisine Master Hot Pot as your dining destination. We want to apologize for your unpleasant dining experience with us. We take pride in our service and food quality, it is always with regret that we were not able to deliver this expectation. We would definitely look into improvements to our daily operations. In the meantime, we would like to seek your kind assistance to call us at our reservation line as we would like to be in touch with you for further understanding and for remedial actions. Best Regards, The Management Cuisine Master Hot Pot

Hot Pot With Service

Hot pot is usually associated with the terms buffet, low end ingredients, dirty and messy. Enter Cuisine Master Hot Pot, which intends to change that perception.

At Cuisine Master Hot Pot, one can expect to be served while having a menu that is crafted out with top notch ingredients taking into account how one's body absorb nutrients.

For a start, knowing that the body absorbs vitamins best when it is hungry, we start with a fruit platter.

The appetiser is an assortment of marinated tomatoes, peas and black fungus.

Time for the soup to line up the stomach. At Cuisine Master Hot Pot, the restaurant believes in preparing superior stock for the soup, and once the items are cooked the soup is tainted. Thus it is best to have the soup before any of the items are cooked. There are two flavours- the mushroom based soup where one can really taste the goodness of the shrooms boiled for hours and a more hearty and thicker seafood base with sea cucumber, fish maw, scallop and dried abalone in the mix.

Time for the seafood, we had the prawn with turbot combination. Once can taste the freshness in every bite.

This was followed by more vegies (my mom would have been proud of me) with Chinese yam. This was then followed by the  Chef's special prepared Shrimps and Pork Ball.

For more meat we then had the freshly sliced Kurobuta pork and tender veal tripe.

This was then followed by the Matsutake mushroom platter before ending the meal with a staple of Special Home-made noodles.

Dessert was a light white fungus with longan and red date.

The best part of the meal is that despite the eleven courses, one does not feel too stuffed by the time they leave the place and the portions are ideal for a fulfilling yet not over-fed diet, with the focus on the quality of the ingredients.


One Night in Beijing...

for full review & more pics, visit here

On arrival, I was a little unsure since the ground level looked more a spot for high octane beverages, but the service staff were quick to attend and point me upstairs.

Unlike most hot pot joints, this is one classic signature stamped with a rich class of Beijing, exuding anything/ everything inspired from ancient Chinese royal dining etiquette. A mechanized automated self hearing ‘jing’ (井trans: well) seats within the table, while a dedicated concierge is stationed at the table to cook for you. Unless, otherwise excused from the table, the concierge shall see to the entire course of lunch/dinner.

The meal is started with a plate of fresh fruits, for it is believed in ancient times that the fruits trigger enzymes activity, and readies the palettes for the meal that follows. A young Shaoxin wine is poured for us in a ‘Jue’ (爵 trans: nobleman’s wine cup) to warm things up a little, while waiting for the jin (金trans: gold) & jun (菌trans: fungus) soup to come to a boil in a 鸳鸯yuan-yang pot.

The jun soup is a stock prepared using fungus assortment, has a bit of the woody fragrance. And the jin soup is a rich broth harnessed from bones & cartilage assortments.

Started things off each served with a bowl of the jun soup with evenly portioned fungus assortment, followed with a bowl of miniature fotiaoqiang 佛跳墙 , comprising of dried scallops, abalone,  sea cucumber & sharks fin substituted using fish maw. This arrangement calibrates the palettes, before the meal builds up to a crescendo.

Served next, prawn with turbot combination, and shrimp & meat ball on carrot. The meats are battered to pulp & neatly cut to shape for purpose of consistency of doneness, texture & taste. The soup base was good enough to lightly influence the taste, and I found very little need to use the sauce dips.

Then there was Kurobuta & Veal Tripe, lightly boiled to tender perfection. A light dab of chili oil adds a tingle to the taste. A sip of the shaoxin wine sweetens the experience too. The sliced snow fish & giant prawns were also cooked in good timing. The fish doesn’t flake, and the prawn shell was easily removed, without compromising the meat. A dab at the seafood sauce or a drip of shaoxin is also good.

The matsutake & golden mushroom combo was another delightful experience. I have to say mushrooms are after all, meatarian’s vegetables.

The garden greens comprising of lettuces & spinach, with in house handmade noodles, flavored & naturally colored (cabbage, carrots, spinach & eggs). The noodles are served together with the enriched soup, bringing a closure to the meal.

A light white fungus with longan & red dates dessert seals the meal in sweet bliss.

Possibly the only fine dining hot pot concept available in town, and it’s not everyday that one gets to experience a meal in the life of a blue blood brat.

Unique Gourmet Hot Pot

Opened in March 2013, Cuisine Master Hot Pot (食神锅奉行)  is hailed from Beijing, China and was founded by Master Chef Zhong Li Wen, one of China's top 10 Chefs.

There is no ala carte or buffet menu, just pick from the 5 nine-course set menu that ranges from $78++ to 198++ per pax.

We have the $78++ set menu and the imperial experience started off with a refreshing fruit platter. On the side there was a trio of appertiser consists of Marinated TomatoesPeas and Black Fungus which one can nibble while waiting for the food to be cooked. The marinated tomatoes were a delight with its sweet and tangy flavours.

At Cuisine Master Hot Pot which is famed for its soup culture comes with only 2 types of soup base. The signature Golden Soup which is a rich concoction from "old hen" and "old duck", slow cooked over 10 hours for a creamy texture. The other is the Mushroom Soup which is a clear soup prepared with over 5 types of imported exotic mushrooms. All the soups are freshly prepared with all natural ingredients, with no additives or MSG added.

Before cooking the raw ingredients, we are each served a bowl of the soup to taste the original flavours before they are diluted by the impurities or got too rich after all the cooking. The clear Mushroom Soup was packed with earthy flavour that very comforting.
The Buddha Jumps over the Wall is cooked in the signature Golden Soup to showcase the flavourful soup. An impressive luscious bowl of soup with rich and creamy consistency.

I was delighted to see freshly made Shrimps and Pork Balls being served. I love the fact that chestnut was added to the pork balls giving it an extra crunchy bite.

Next up was vegetables and mushrooms. We have the Chinese Yam which has a lot of health benefits. We also have seasonal Matsutake Mushroom and Assorted Greens making it a balanced meal.

For the seafood, we had Prawn and Turbot Platter as stated in the $78++ set menu. However I doubt the fish is turbot, it looked more like grouper from its appearance and texture. The prawn and fish were cooked in the beautiful golden soup. Fresh and quality seafood that is always a joy for hot pot.

For meat we have the Kurobuta Pork and Beef. I thought they were too thinly sliced to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. While I enjoyed the succulent kurobuta pork, the beef was overcooked and tough for me.

Not to be missed is the Special Homemade Noodles that comes in 4 different colours. They are made from egg white (white), spinach (green), carrot (orange) and purple cabbage (purple). The delectable noodles were springy and had a nice bite to it.

Wrapping up the dinner, we have the refreshing White Fungus with Longan and Red Dates. It was a welcoming dessert that helped to cleanse the palate after all the rich flavours. Once again its all about healthy, well being and optimum digestion.

Full review and photos at