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Dancing Crab


Dancing Crab is an American restaurant that serves fresh and tasty seafood cuisine here in Singapore and it can be found in The Grandstand.

Tue - Fri: 17:00 - 22:30

Eve of PH: 17:00 - 22:30

Sat, Sun &: 11:30 - 15:00

Sat, Sun &: 17:00 - 22:30

Closed: Mon

+65 64663303
$45 based on 20 submissions
After Work (7 votes), Dinner (5 votes), Ala Carte (4 votes)

Brilliant service

Celebrated my birthday here and despite an initial hiccup, staff recovered well and made it a great experience.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Crab cakes6 votes
  • Combo 15 votes
  • Cold Seafood Platter2 votes
  • Crab1 vote
  • Lobster Roll1 vote
  • Moonshine prawns1 vote
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 20 votes
09 Jan 2015 • 6 reviews • 0 follower

Brilliant service

Celebrated my birthday here and despite an initial hiccup, staff recovered well and made it a great experience.
02 Jan 2015 • 195 reviews • 1 follower

Louisiana seafood style

For full reivew and pictures, do visit For a party of 2-3 people, we would recommend having the Combo Bag #1 ($80) which came with Sri Lankan crab, prawns, mussels, corn, potatoes and sausages. Do check with the staff on the weight of the crab for the day, we were told our crab was about 600g! We chose the Dancing Crab Signature sauce (spicy) for our combo bag, which was not that spicy for me. The seafood platter was enough for 2-3 people I would I say, assuming that there were other snacks to go along. The seafood was generally quite fresh, even though the crab was really small for the price we were paying.
11 Oct 2014 • 34 reviews • 0 follower

Not worth the hype. Yet still a place to try due to its novelty

First and last time. A great idea of boiled seafood with sauces, but wasn't as good as other i've eaten before. Find out more on my post below: 
17 Sep 2014 • 15 reviews • 0 follower

Novelty idea to eat your meal - no plates.

Quite a novelty. Popular with young adults. Portion of combo is rather small. We order the Cold Combo, that comes with 4 oysters, several mussles and prawns and half an Alaskan crab. The seafood is fresh. Also ordered the garlic noodle which a portion for one person. The fried chicken is quote good. Do not expect any attentive service as it is very crowded over the weekends. Water is a 'help-yourself' thingy. Overall quite good experience but won't be dying to be back.
13 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

first and last time

impressive idea - saved time and costs by eating on the table. However, money saved on hiring cleaning crew not redeployed to hire better service staff.

terrible service. staff only wants to leave at 1030pm and will make excuses to rush customers with their food.