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Review for Danro Japanese Hot Pot


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15 Apr 2013 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Not a pleasant experience

Went to Danro on Saturday night. Good thing we made a reservation cos the place is quite packed. It's not authentic japanese fare but for the price of $25.90++(weekends), what can we expect? At least the food is fresh. Tried the spicy chicken broth & wafu. It's not spicy at all and the chicken broth pales in comparison to Bijin Nabe (Plaza Singapura). We were told the Kiritanpo (Danro's specialty) is not available. Naturally, we felt shortchanged. The waitress was initially adamant about it until we raise the point that the Kiritanpo is their specialty, if they had ran out of it, this should have been made known to diners beforehand. (note: Danro's practice is payment before dine so if you are there for the Kiritanpo, better check before paying) The waitress then returned and advised we need to wait 2 hours for the kitchen to prepare the Kiritanpo. Gosh ... is the making of Kiritanpo that complex?? Anyway, the manager was nice enough to offer us a special service by making some for us within 30 mins. That's a nice gesture. Overall, food is acceptable but service standard of the crew is quite lacking. For the kinda price I would have expected better service than other inexpensive hotpot place. Probably won't visit again as the food is nothing to cry about.
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