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Review for Danro Japanese Hot Pot


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16 Aug 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Very disappointed, bad experience

Bad experience. Was attracted to the food review, hence I was excited to pay a visit. The staff was good to call us after a 30mins wait. Let's not mention about food first, we went in at 8.30pm. The staff SHOULD have told us that they closed at 930pm (thou I check closing time was 10pm) and we have not enough time to eat. Yet they told us halfway through our meal, my friend & I was like "what, it's just pass like 30mins for god sake. Variety of food is not as stated ALOT and many was empty. The staff even start packing/clearing everything once they told us, its just 9pm. A way of forcing us to leave? because there was NO FOOD! I wouodnt visit again.
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