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It is nice place for dinning.

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 20

It is the first time I went to dian xiao er to have dinner as I always thought it is only famous for selling duck meat but I am wrong. When I first entered the restaurant, the design gives a feeling that I am entering Inn (like those chinese ancient drama). The restaurant was quite well decorated. We ordered a family Set A and Set B (each set we choose 4 pax share). In this way, we are able to taste more dishes :)

Overall, the service is quite good. However, the air con is kind of cold which blow the food cold fast ... We spent slightly less than $200 for 8 people which is quite affordable. Furthermore, we get to try a wide variety of food.

For the full review check out my blog :)

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Dong po meat!

Total Reviews: 147

I am not a big fan of duck, and hates the smell of it to the core. My mum can be the witness! There are many occasion where my mum would scold me for being so choosy on food She would be very proud of me knowing that I do love the dishes from Dian Xiao er! Their duck dishes doesn't taste weird in any way, and is stuff with lots of nutritious herbs! If you feel like indulging yourself, do try the dong po meat! Thou it is full of fats, but trust me, one bite is all it takes for you to be addicted to the dish!

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best duck

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dian xiao er has always been boasted as one of the better ducks in singapore. other than the london duck that has just arrived in singapore, i feel that the duck offered at dian xiao er is still the best. even though i feel that the one in malaysia ya wang offers better herbal duck but at least i do not need to travel all the way to malaysia to get it. 

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Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 203

This is a personal favourite of mine. And to put it simply, if you are sick of eating chicken and would like to have some duck, then dian xiao er is the place for you. Remember to try their signature roast duck. Apart from there, favourite dishes of mine would include the fried fish slices as well as their bean curd. If you would like to top up with a soup they do serve pretty tasty soup too. Even their small portions as stated on the menu can be quite generous which usually results in me needing to eat two sometimes up to three bowls of rice so as to be able to compliment and finish all the dishes. It is a shame that they seemed to have removed the early bird discount for the first 15 customers for lunch/dinner Despite so, price is fairly reasonable.

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If you like duck

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Dian Xiao Er’s signature dish is the Ten Wonder Herbs Roast Duck, where the herbs is said to recharge your energy and relief mental stress. I am not sure if it is indeed the herbs or duck, but I do feel happier after eating a slice of its meat. The duck meat is not like typically stores where it can be dry and tough. f you want something lighter to balance out, I would recommend the Wheatgrass Tofu . Fried with fresh prawns and scallops, the beancurd is soft and sauce quite healthy. The service is good and have good environment. 

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Good Roast Duck at Vivo City!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

I was at Vivo City and wanted a place for lunch. I remembered this restaurant that serves roast duck as Vivo City.

I headed to the restaurant and was just in time for their last order. I ordered their herbal roast duck, which has a fragrant aroma.

The sauce is made with 10 different types of herbs, and when eaten with the duck, its delicious. Even eating the duck and the duck on its own (without rice), its not salty.

The skin of the duck is crispy even with the sauce poured over it. The meat is tender and moist, not dry at all.

Loved the roast duck here.

Highly recommended!

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