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Review for Din Tai Fung (Junction 8)


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01 Apr 2014 • 148 Reviews • 6 Followers

Consistently good

For the full review with pictures, click here.    The pickled vegetable starter [$3.50] is practically mandatory, when it’s in stock. I find that when I go during off peak, no queue hours, they are typically out of pickled vegetables, so I’ve learnt to embrace the DTF queue   Of course we ordered the xlbs [$6.80]. I suppose there’s no need to talk about quality here since DTF is consistent in its preparation. I love the xlbs here. They’re not spectacular, but they are good and are filled with a very flavourful broth.   We also had their deep fried prawn and pork dumplings [$7.30] for the first time. They serve it with a sweet sauce that is somewhat like Hoisin, but much less sticky. A bit similar to the sweet sauce served with yong tau foo or chee cheong fun sometimes. They were delicious!   Our typical carbs here are the egg fried rice [$6.80] and the gan ban mian [$6.00]. Both the fried rice and the noodles are masterfully executed and so affordable!
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