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xiao long bao, Prawns Fried Rice, Baby xiao long bao, pork chop slices, Drunken Chicken, Sliced Duck in Crispy Green Onion Pastry, Steamed Assorted Mushroom Dumplings Infused with Truffle Oil, egg fried rice, Bittergourd marinated with black bean sauce, Black Fungus with Ginger strips in Vinegar Dressing, Chinese Yam steeped in Umeshu and Cherry Tomato Dressing, Chives & Pork Dumplings, Cooling Red Dates Longan Drink, Cucumber Dressed with Garlic & Chilli Oil, Deep-fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms, Deep-fried Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms, Double-Boiled Chicken Soup, Double-boiled Snow Pear and Coral Seaweed with Red Dates, Fried Rice, Green Chillies Stuffed with Marinated Minced Meat, Mango Pudding, Noodles (Ramen), Pork dumpling, Steamed Bun with Preserved Vegetables and Char Siew, Steamed Custard Buns, Steamed Green Vegetable and Pork Dumplings, Steamed Pork Dumplings, Xia ren tou miao, Yam paste wrapped in Crispy Spring Roll, chicken broth, chicken soup, crab meat xiao long bao, fried pork cutlet, leng cai, stir-fried spinach with garlic, yam xiao long bao View all
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Best XLB in town

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

Arguably the best xiao long bao and la mian restaurant in town. The xiao long bao here is as good as the ones that you get at their original branch in Taipei. Just the right balance of dumpling skin, broth and meat. Dip it into vinegar, pair it with some ginger and it's a truly unforgettable experience.
 Other recommendations include 红油抄手 (dumplings in chilli oil), beef noodles and fried rice with pork chop.
 Prices are really reasonable too! You can view the full local menu (with prices) at the website that I am working on!

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Always check your food for extra parts...

Total Reviews: 13

I hope this was an isolated case. When we received our noodles there was a bug in it. I know there is no such thing as a 100% clean place/kitchen, but this was right on top staring at me as the bowl of noodles was served. This used to be my favorite DTF location and really like their soup dumplings but this bug just left totally killed my appetite. I paid and left without making a big fuss. There is no point. The staff there just all smile and repeat the 10words of English they know. Or at least do an awesome job at conveniently not speaking English when an foreigner walks in. I'll have to find another soup dumping joint.

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Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 5

Seriously, i do not understand what is all the hype about this place. Apart from xioalongbao which is maintaining industry standard, the rest of the dishes range from mediocre to bad. The prawn fried rice is just so-so. I see other tables with leftover of the fried rice too. The dandan noodles is really disappointing served with bland watery sesame sauce. I tried adding crushed chilli to spice up the noodles only to find out that the chilli has absolutely no taste and its not even spicy. I have better places to spend my money. This is the last time I step into this place

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Still on of my favourites

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 95

After years of frequenting DTF, I've yet to be dissapointed. Yes, the xiao long bao is not the best you can get, but its pretty darn good! And the fact that they have outlets in so many places makes it so assessable and easy to get your fix. 

The pork chop fried rice is my favourite! Very generous with the pork chop, and the consistency is always there too. Of course, DTF does get really busy, especially over the weekends. Not ideal but I can see why. The servers always respond fast though, and my cup usually doesn't go more than a minute before it gets filled. Overall, still one of the best places to get your chinese food craving fix in Singapore. You can check out the menu at if you want to see what they offer before you head down. Highly recommend DTF :)

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12 New Dishes

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 189

For pictures and full review (I cant fit everytihng here), pls visit:

In celebration of its 12th year in Singapore, Din Tai Fung has unveiled 12 new dishes which are exclusively available at their flagship restaurant in Paragon Orchard.

Spearheaded by a team of passionate chefs and food technologist, the new creations took an entire year to develop and take form. These dishes are in line with Din Tai Fung’s approach to food- simple, harmonious and balanced.  Out of the 12 new items, 5 of them are suitable for vegetarians to enjoy.

We started the meal with 4 chilled starters, which were all very refreshing and healthy. The Chinese Yam Steep in Umeshu & Cherry Tomato Dressing ($7.80) took me by surprised upon my first mouthful. The flavours were amazing! Chinese Yam is steeped in Japanese plum wine for 12 hours for a hint of sweet-sour tang, then topped with cherry tomato dressing for a touch of sweetness.  Chinese Yam is high in nutrients and fibre, aids digestion and boost immunity.

The Refreshing Bittergourd Marinated with Black Bean Sauce ($5.50) comprises of bittergourd that has been generously marinated with a specially concocted black bean sauce. Each piece of bittergourd is identically sized to ensure consistency during the cooking process resulting in consistent texture. Despite it numerous health benefits, I usually steer away from this nutritious vegetable, however, thanks to  Din Tai Fung’s robust marinade, the bitterness was toned down and I found myself reaching for a couple more.

Black fungus in the Black Fungus with Ginger Strips & Vinegar Dressing ($5.50) is imported from Taiwan, then blanched to retain its vitamins, crunchiness and glossy black shade. It’s then lightly tossed in an invigorating roasted sesame and vinegar dressing, along with ginger strips and wolfberries. The wolfberries are imported from Ningxia, a region in China that produces premium wolfberries.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. In the Cucumber Dressed with Garlic & Chilli Oil ($5.30), fresh Japanese cucumbers are paired harmoniously with garlic and chilli oil. The slight heat and robust dressing highlights the natural sweetness of the cucumbers.  The texture of the Japanese cucumbers were wonderful- each bite rewards with a resounding crunch. My personal favourite among the 4 new appetizers.


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