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(Closed) Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant (Lorong Kilat)


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A Great Find

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 10

A great little restaurant where you wouldn't have thought to look! The decor is really nice and warm and bright and very nice. The place was quite full as well for somewhere hidden out on the west.

Came here on Friday night for dinner with friends. We ordered the Sangria- which was pretty tasty but needed a splash more alcohol for the price.

Tapas ordered were meatballs in tomato sauce, scallop/crab with belcmel, tuna stuffed peppers, mushrooms, chorizo, potatas bravas. The best was the potatas bravas!

We had then ordered a Valencian Paellea for everyone at the table to share. The menu states that you need to wait 25-30 minutes for paella, but since we had ordered tapas no problems. So we finished round after round of tapas, but no paella. We then waited a little longer and still no paella. When we mentioned to the waitress she said she would go check - and it obviously had not been entered. All the staff were very apologetic and gave an extra tapas dish plus our next sangria for free - very happy with this.

Paella tasted good but was missing the chicken. Could have been tastier but this could have been due to the last minute preparation.

All in all a good experience, since the extra effort and concern from the staff made up for the 'forgotten' paella.

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Sunday tapas brunch ala carte buffet

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Reviews: 214

Noted of this Spanish restaurant from various sources, the papers, magazines, etc. Found the restaurant website one evening and noted that they have a Sunday tapas brunch ala carte buffet, offering about 20 types of tapas. Thought it was a great idea to check it out at a fixed per head price and headed down on a Sunday afternoon.

The place was barely half-filled to our surprise, given the craze that people have these days for Sunday brunch.

There were 3 prices for the buffet:$33++ with free-flow juices/soft drinks$48++ with free-flow Sangria/house wines (not a must to stick to only one type of drink once chosen)$62++ with free-flow Sangria de Cava

We opted for the $48 one as we wanted the free-flow sangria. What's a spanish without Sangria, I felt. :)

Nibbling on the complimentary bread with garlic butter spread, we quickly placed our orders. Servings were not of minute portion and so we were unable to try all the items. But still, check out the following on what we had:

Chorizo Asado (BBQ Spicy Sausages)

- Not spicy. Just usual salty stuff as per sausages.

Ensalada Russia (Russian Salad)

- Creamy dressing of mixed veg (diced carrots, corn, etc) on top of fresh greens

Manitas de Cerdo con Garbanzos (Stewed Pig's Feet with White Beans)

- I love this dish, primarily for all the collagen I was eating! No fats, not much meat of cos. Just collagen!! Melts in the mouth. Ladies, get this if you want your collagen fix!

Pinchos Morunos de Pollo (Chicken on the Spit, skewered)

- Large tender chicken piece served skewered with a piece of bell pepper

- 4 skewers per portion served

- Just a little oily

La Carne de Vaca y Setas las Pastas (Beef and Mushroom Pasta)

- Can do away with the beef as its well-done and too tough for my liking

- Not the al dente kind of pasta, even though the cream base was not that bad. So give this a miss or request for al dente pasta if one prefers al dente pasta

Rollitos de Salmon y Quesos (Salmon Rolls, stuffed with Cheese and Lettuce)

- Cold dish

- Not much cheese detected, minimal smoke salmon taste. Better if there is more for a balanced taste when biting into the roll.

Aguacate con Cangrejo (Crab, Scallop and Avocado meats, made into a dip)

- Its more of a spread than a dip and served with toasted bread and fresh greens

- Only for avocado & seafood lovers, as the taste can get a little too much after a while.

Calamares Fritto (Calamari)

- Not tough, crispy batter

Gambas al Ajillo (Garlic Fried Shrimp)

- Generous with the garlic, I like

Setas al Ajillo (Garlic Fried Mushrooms)

Tortilla Espanola (Spanish-style Eggs, stuffed with potatoes)

Revuelto de Esparragos y Gambas (Scrambled eggs with Asparagus and Shrimp)

- 1st look and I wondered if I was served Prawn Omelette (ze char style)..LOL!

- Eggs were soft (scrambled style), lightly stir fried with whole shrimps and sliced asparagus.

Rollitos de Beicon con Esparragos (Asparagus rolled in Bacon)

- I like that the bacon is not overly salty and generous with the asparagus.

Red Sangria- Potent stuff! Woah! One of the best Sangria I had so far, until I find a better one. :P

- Those who drive, better avoid. Those who can't hold their liquor, better avoid or just share with others.

Note: Dessert lovers, no worries, there are a couple of dessert items on the menu for the buffet as well. Just that we were too stuffed to even have any.

Service was prompt, attentive and friendly. No need to ask for re-fill of the drinks or clearing of plates.

Overall, I like the food and will re-visit to check out the paellas and other ala carte items. Wonder when...winkz!


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Don Quijote

Total Reviews: 103

Never mind that the location is a tad inaccessible-- it is located just off the main Upper Bukit Timah Road. We’ve had our fair share of tapas places, but Don Quijote is by far the best. There are throngs of tapas dishes in the menu--choose from Spanish meatballs to mixed sauteed mushrooms to garlic prawns that caught our eyes--but we settled on the Vieiras al Horno (oven-baked scallops with bacon bits, $18) and Berenjenas al Horo (oven-baked eggplant, $9) instead. The scallops may be a tad pricey, but it was pure indulgence. Our eggplant was also most interesting--in a good way. The soft eggplant came piping hot in a tasty light broth drowned in small bits of tomatoes and onions which made the dish utterly palatable. But the dish that made our day was the Fideua Negra (Spanish-style pasta with squid ink ($24 for a small portion). While it could well do with more squids, the squid ink sauce itself was perfect: It didn’t have the usual stench that accompanies most squid ink dishes, and very thin pasta was simply of the right texture to go with the sauce. Although its a bit of a journey, we really wouldn't mind coming back again to try more of the tapas and paella dishes that we missed out on. Well definitely be back.

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Home-y food

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

The hot tapas is good... nothing spectacular but they have a home-y kind of feeling and taste. The chorizo, chicken wings, prawns are as expected, simple and tasty so kids will also be able to enjoy. They even have kids paella which was with sausage and easy to like. The ambiance and service are also friendly and family oriented style.

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spanish flair that sizzles

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 430

a spanish restaurant in the neighbourhood of bukit batok? why not? don quijote serves up quite a tasty array of spanish dishes that sizzles. i love the beef on spit and hot chocolate cakes, which rates high on the taste factor and presentation. service was decent.

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Watered-down version of Spanish food

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 5| Service 4
Total Reviews: 13

Having been to various parts of Spain, I was pretty disappointed with the finds from Don Quijote. They serve a pretty watered-down version of Spanish food, perhaps in a bid to make it more 'Singaporean'. The value also isn't really there.

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