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Excellent venue for family celebration

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

Went to celebrate my mum's birthday. Food was fantastic, and the portion just nice for us. And was given complimentary birthday cake!! You may want to look out for credit cards offer deal before making your reservation.

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Fine Dining Wannabe, definitely NOT worth the price

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

I have done a couple of fine dining to understand what it should be and Dozo is a total disappointment! While Dozo tries to emulate as fine dining establishment, it falls short in every aspect.

The decoration was shabby, chair was thinly cushioned/uncomfortable, interior is too dim (till the point I feel lilke it's to hide the shabbiness), the food served is like a fast food joint (pre-prepared) and the place stank of kitchen fumes.

The only saving grace was the service however it is still a far cry from fine dining as the staff is overly enthusiatic and into your face till the extent that we can't relax during the whole dinner experience.

In my view, the only area Dozo is akin to fine dining would be its pricing. But with what they are offering, you would be better off spending abit more in a real fine dining restaurant.

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SMU Gourmet Club

Total Reviews: 54

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There is only one corner through which you can access Dozo at the midscale Valley Point Shopping Centre. Whether by lift or by the short spiral staircase, it feels claustrophobic, and for a moment upon stepping into Dozo, subterranean. Red fabric cylinders of lanterns levitate glowingly in the mirrored hallway. Their color rubs off on exposed black ventilator shafts that whisper clandestine knowledge.

Dozo, which has Tao’s (now at Central) as its lesser sister, used to be a secret in the out-of-way recesses of River Valley. It has now earned quite a reputation for fusion cuisine and the seating area beyond the hallway throngs with young couples and families, possibly from the neighborhood. New age instrumentals and fine-dining cutlery appear to be excessive for the crowd. It was the affable staff that eases you into the casual vibe, sans white tablecloth.

The premise set by Dozo’s director, Huang Yen Kun, is affordable fine-dining set meals, framed as a “degustation” menu with choices. There is only one price each for a 6-course lunch set (minus a cold starter; $39.80++) and a 7-course dinner ($59.80++), so you know what you will eventually pay for and what you will get beforehand. Nothing is a la carte.

That leaves the stress only to selecting your food. Things start off with a plum juice shot half-deep in ice, refreshing with a strong helping of sugar.

Each table is supplied with a coral of uncooked pasta doing their best impression of breadsticks. The flavors are Parmesan, spinach and chili.

The starters are the same for all, too. They came as a bite-sized trio platter. You are advised to move from the middle (pan seared scallops with asparagus and a spayed miso foam) to the heavier options at your left (smoked salmon, mint and strangely, a harmless bit of sweetened whip cream) and right (foie gras and raisin on a coin of bread, hugged in demi-glace).

Each dish at Dozo fledges to be elaborate. New Style Tuna Tatare with Avocado bolsters its claim with a tantalizing potion of ginger juice and soy on the side to be poured as dressing. The tuna is cubed alongside avocadoes like a poke, with carrot shreds and iceberg lettuce, if nothing too new.

The 2-page menu is best navigated by spotting the biggest constituents of each choice; accessories are nugatory if the names have a fancy twang. A Beef Tataki with Shaved Parmesan and Truffle Mayo Mosaic had not much truffle oil in mayo on the well-marbled beef. It is built as a scaffold of meat and wafer-like crepe inside, posing as the Effiel Tower, as the waiter will have you believe. (Not that it needed the truffle.)

Yuzu was not duly present in taste, as claimed, in three plump curls of snails in a tasty gratin. Neither was it in the fourth one in its shell by the side. (Gratinated Escargots baked with Yuzu Butter)

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Will definitely return for more

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 16

Have been to Dozo quite a few times and they have never once disappointed me. Service wise, I can say that it is the best I have ever experienced. Service staff were attentive and very helpful. They know every single dish well and will not hestitate to help you in your choice of food. The restaurant is in a very nice setting too, with the dimmed lights, soft music and carpet floor, gives you a true sense of fine dining at it's best.

It is a 7 course meal, and for about $70 per pax, it is pretty reasonable for a nice place like this.

Now comes the important part, the food. You get to choose from a variety for every course. Presentation plays an important part in allowing patrons to like the food, and that is where they score points. Presentation of every dish is very unique, and it will definitely catch the eyes of first timers there. Taste wise, it will never disappoint.

My favourite is the beef tenderloin on puye granite hot stone. The dish is very well decorated, and most importantly, tastes wonderful. I think that they can give restaurants like black angus a run for their money in terms of standards.

If you happen to be there for birthdays, the staff will surprise the birthday boy/girl with a small cake and wish you happy birthday.

It is definitely worth a try, and if you want to experience fine dining without having to pick up ridiculously expensive tabs. This place is especially good for guys who wish to impress their gf, or for anyone who wishes to celebrate a special ocassion. Would definitely go back there again in the future.

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will definitely RTF

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

Worth every cents spent. Very happy will the dinner. Service wise, space to improve. Food is nice. Every top three dishes is their popular. Without doubt, all dishes is delicious.

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dinner with my old friend....

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

I would like to thank Dozo Restaurant for the wonderful dinner i had last sunday March 1 with my friend. It was an enjoyable dinner.

I ask my friend that we must have a different dish so that we can share each others food. .

We liked all the dishes specially the beef tenderloin, chimichanga, escargot, espresso creme brulee, and the freshly baked warm chocolate cake.

The price is quite expensive but it's worthy.

Thank you for the staff who gave my friend a welcome cake as it is her first time in Singapore.

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