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Durian History

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Durian History is a food kiosk specializing in bakery products made with Durian. Using only original homemade recipes, their Durian pancake is famous with shoppers within Chinatown area.
Daily: 10.00am - 10.00pm

The HGW community like this place for...

19 Feb 2011 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

hidden gem in the busy street of chinatown.

chance upon this decent place which sells durian food products when I was shopping along Chinatown area. decided to grab a quick bite and tried their hot selling product - durian pancake. the durian paste is not too sweet nor bland and it definitely suit my taste bud and i thought it is way much better than the famous "FOUR" durian chain place... serving of the durian is very generous too (was actually surprised by that cos' those i've tried gave very little serving and i thought I buy because of the skin and not the paste...) pancake skin is thin and crispy, not those thick and floury kind. also tried their durian tapioca and it was good too. not too oily (plus point!) and had a strong fragrance of durian.

located just beside the famous money changer with very long queue daily, u might want to give this quiet gem a visit if u happen to be strolling along chinatown and was thinking of gettin a quick dessert bite. trust me, u will not be disappointed.
31 Jan 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Best Durian Pancake I ever eat ! At Chinatown People's Park Complex!

Best Durian pancake ever! Best of this pancake is that they always give generous amount of DURIAN for just $1.50!! I will always eat a least 2 of this. If not enough they have got even JUMBO Durian pancake at only $2 !!! Secondly, the pancake is THIN and CRISPY by using their skillful way of turning the pancake!!! The combination is really super good. You can also try their Durian Tapioca Cake at 3 for $1.20 seriously better then those you saw at basa-malam as is ORIGINAL flavoring and NO artificial colouring added. Can buy for your papa mama or ah gong ah ma as is quite a traditional snack. Like I always do. They will surely like it! haha! Thumbs up!! IS A MUST TO TRY IF YOU GO CHINATOWN! SO REM NOT TO MISS THESE YUMMY DURIAN PANCAKE WHEN YOU GO CHINATOWN K! =)
04 Jan 2011 • 0 review • 0 follower

Variety of Durian Combination

Definitely the place to visit to get a quick durian fix...with a good variety of durian products. I especially like the durian pancake as its prepared right on the spot and not pre-done or taken from the fridge. The owner happened to share with me they are using their homemade recipe and not adopting/copying from commercial ones, thumbs up for that. Return to Eat: Definitely! Who says NO to durians? :)