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Reviews for El Patio Mexican Restaurant & Wine Bar

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Great chicken wings

To see the full review with pictures, go here.   Apparently El Patio has been around since 1985! The colorful signboard and fonts and our hot weather were all very good at creating the atmosphere.   We started with some tortilla chips with salsa and ordered a side of their queso con chile, a really tiny glass bowl of nacho cheese which you can get from Bel Monte Latin Supermarket. It was the perfect portion for two. Not hard to make either, if you just crack open a can of nacho cheese. I was expecting something more like Chili’s skillet queso.   Next up were the fajitas in soft tortillas. They are really stingy with the sour cream, salsa, and guacamole, like any Singaporean Mexican restaurant.   The fajita chicken was sizzling on the skillet and always makes everyone in the vicinity want to order the exact same thing. It smelt amazing and tasted amazing, although I would have liked more vegetables in it.   For some reason we decided to also order a side of their chicken wings. They have some fancy pants name in the menu which I forget but that managed to successfully tempt me to order them. These were really, really good. Even better than the Malay fried chicken wings across the road in the hawker centre!   I would definitely come back, but I want to try Cha Cha Cha first, which is 2 doors down. The only downside here is that they don’t seem to have any lunch specials, whereas other restaurants have been reacting to La Nonna’s 1-for-1 pizza or pasta with their own lunch deals! So the food here is a little pricey for Mexican food, I think we spent somewhere between $50-$60 for lunch.
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14 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Average food, poor service.

Was there for dinner on a week night. Really not impressed with the waitresses. None of them served with a smile. Worst, they seem unhappy. It would help very much if they were nicer than the food. At least, I would go back again. But, no. I thought Filipinos have great customer service. But, not here.
The management of El Patio Mexican Restaurant & Wine Bar responded to this review:
18 Nov 2014
Dear Syeong,
I'm so sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience . That was truly not our intention. We really appreciate your feedback and hope we serve you better in the near future...
My apology.

14 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


I am never coming back here. The staff are the rudest I have ever come across. We were never greeted, and after ushering us to a table and given menus, the waitress waited on us like we were the bane of her existence. When we asked if we could order dessert, they treated us like they really wanted us to just leave. Also, when it came to about 9.45pm, they started banging around, keeping tables and messily mopping and sweeping to indicate to all patrons "time for you guys to get out of here". The staff do not bother to smile at you, or rather, they look at you like you're a pest in their precious restaurant, and you owe them big time. I am embarrassed that i brought a colleague from Malaysia here to have such horrible service standards, and this was the epitome of horrible. If you're looking for a miserable dining experience, El Patio is your choice~
02 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Unfriendly Staff Chasing us away at 9:20pm wed

We came there at 9:20 and initially ask your staff wat time do you close and she this: We close at 10 and we ask them until wat time we can stay and she said 10pm also..and she is telling me that they will not extend cause its weekday...And the way she chase us is very unfriendly..2 ladies with long hair wed oct 1