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Gong bao favorite mix with porridge is best

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 22

This shop locate at geylang lor 19, it was extended from existing 1 shop house to 3. It is main dishes is live frog with porridge, I tried different favorites like gong bao, ginger & scallion, and chicken essence of edible frog. 
 The gong bao and ginger & scallion both are made from sugar black sauce, but gong bao is spicy and ginger & scallion is sweet. Both sauce require mix with white porridge for better taste, this sauce taste basically will cover taste of frog, frog meat merely provide slide and softy mouth-feel. I personally like gong bao favorite, it is taste like spicy & sweet and make me body heating and sweating. I recommend you bring a pack of wet tissue. 
 The chicken essence need add on SGD5, it is like chicken soup and frog meat slightly sweet and softy, if soup mix with porridge, I feel taste will be too light for me. If I drink it like a chicken soup still not bad.
 Hygiene and environment still consider average, I don't feel dirty from table and floor. It is transitional open air shop house, but there is an issue. There too many tissue seller, It's some 30s year old women constantly asking me when I'm eating.

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Delicious Different way of Cookings Frogs

Total Reviews: 316

That was one of the nights for supper, and it was really late. The dishes that we ordered was so delicious that I had eaten differently of cooking. I wanted to go there again, however, this place is quite hidden in one of the lanes. There are so many lorongs at Geylang, not easily to locate the exact place.

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My favorite place for from porridge or frog any style

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 1 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 10

Their buy two get one free frog promo is not to be missed. I usually have two with porridge and one dried fried with green onions and chili sauce.

Their porridge is Cantonese style with an excellent consistency and a wonderful aroma of fresh ginger and not too much sesame oil or other condiments. It's elegantly simple and delicious with the frog cooked in it and it all comes piping hot in a clay pot. The frogs are fresh so a wait is to be expected.

I even like their porridge plain. But half way through the succulent frogs in the porridge, I'll dive into the dried fried frog with chili and green onions. The sauce is mildly sweet and thick, tinged with the heat from the chili (not chili padi's of course). I can't get enough of the sauce either and I tend to mix it with what remaining porridge is left.

Don't expect Michelin star surroundings, but the staff is attentive and efficient. Accept and enjoy street scene geyland is known for while having the best frog porridge I've had in Singapore (and it's quite a few!)

Eminent Frog Porridge kicks amphibious butt!

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