#01-57, UE Square, 207 River Valley Road, 238275
Asian, Japanese, Healthy
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This Japanese bar has an extensive menu of Japanese cocktails and appetiser dishes, such as sashimi, yakitori, salad and even light desserts. Great for unwinding over a few hours.

What others are eating here

Garlic Fried Rice
Garlic Fried Rice
Sashimi (5 kinds)
Sashimi (5 kinds)
Wafu Spaghetti
Wafu Spaghetti
Wafu Steak
Wafu Steak
  • Garlic Fried Rice 2 votes
  • Beef Carpaccio 1 vote
  • sashimi salad 1 vote
  • variety bbq skewers 1 vote

Latest Review for En Japanese Dining Bar

Overall RatingBased on 13 reviews
Most helpful review:

Good Food, Great Sake

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

Love the beef (both cooked and raw. Frequent promotion on Sushi and drinks (Asahi beer!!). Great place for decent food and wonderful drinks.

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The worst restaurant we had been in Singapore

Total Review: 1

The overall rating of hungrygowhere for this restaurant should be 0 or minus! 

My Singaporean friend (who has lived in Singapore for over 3 decades) and I agreed that En Japanese Dining Bar is the worst restaurant in Singapore, in our perspective.

We would advice our friends/colleagues/clients, please please please do not visit En Japanese Dining Bar to avoid tremendous disappointment. En Japanese Dining Bar is run by En Group, which also runs En Grill & Bar (at UE Square), Z’en Japanese Cuisine (at UE Square), Monster Curry (at ION Orchard and NEX Serangoon), Monster Curry Junior (at [email protected]), Tokyo Pasta Mario (at [email protected]).

I don't normally write a complain, because I believe in being grateful for the food that we have eaten. We have never complained publicly about any other restaurants before, but I feel that our experience today is worth sharing with a wider audience.

What had happened?

My Singaporean friend bought a groupon voucher for En Japanese Dining Bar  (UE Square), and invited me for our last Japanese dinner together in 2015, before I am flying on 31st Dec 2015.

We arrived on 30th Dec 2015 at ~ 6pm, so that we could quickly have our dinner and I could pack my luggage.

The restaurant was almost empty! Please see the photos: and

If there were many customers, we could entirely understand that they had to reject us.

Later, after we left the restaurant. My friend called the restaurant trying to reserve a table at 6pm.

Waitress answering the call: Yes, you can come if you don’t mind to sit outside.

My friend told the waitress that he has groupon voucher and she changed her mind, the waitress said that there is no table.

The manager and the waitress (on phone) told us that there were not enough food prepared for us at ~ 6pm onwards (the operating hours of the restaurant), unless we came back on the same evening at 9pm. This is illogical; the reasons they gave were contradicting! How can we trust them on our food? Customers may wonder that they are only willing to serve customers with Groupon voucher with leftover food!

If entreprises/businesses  are running a promotion e.g. through Groupon, they should do their best to use the promotion to win customers, instead of losing many more customers or doing reputation damage. If the enterprise can no longer handle excessive customers, they should stop promotion, instead of unethically dealing with customers, like we encountered on 30th De 2015 ~ 6 pm.

On 31st Dec 2015, my friend called Groupon to cancel our voucher, we will never go to En Japanese Dining Bar anymore. My friend also shared with Groupon to be careful with this merchant as not only us have had bad experience with En Japanese Dining Bar, see

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Worst service I have ever encountered

Food/Drink N/A | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I bought a Groupon voucher and went there without making a reservation, as the voucher did not state reservation is needed. The place was near empty when I arrived, but they turned me away, saying the place was fully booked for the day.

I suspect they have some sort of discrimnation against Groupon voucher holders. To confirm my suspicion, I went away and called them to make a reservation. I asked if I can come over now, and the waitress said yes there is a table for me. But when I told her I am using Groupon voucher, she changed her mind and told me that the place is fully booked.

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