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Reviews for En Japanese Dining Bar (UE Square)

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BBQ dinner 22 Dec 2012

Great Service; the servers gave great attention to details such as clear dishes, refill water, order etc.  The food was much better the last i visited especially for the BBQ stuff we ordered.
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09 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Avoid at all cost.

Avoid. Food quality and quantity is horrible small. Sashimi is terribly thinly sliced. Taste so so.
27 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Lost its touch - not so honest... maybe?

When I called in to enquire about using Groupon vouchers on a weekend, because it wasn’t stated : Reply was that It can't be used. (NOTE: He does not mention that we don't accept them now or you need to make advance booking)
 Nevertheless, we visited the outlet with a reservation (see below). And when I was making payment at the counter, (as I felt full and decided to take a short walk instead of waiting for the staff), I saw a few sheets of Groupon vouchers (1st pc: exactly the one which I wanted to purchase) beside the cash register, I asked if these coupons are being used today? Reply from cashier was positive. He even double checked with another staff, and confirmed it. Felt disappointed.     During the call, I requested to make a reservation as I still wanted to visit the place. I wasn’t being prompted if I wish to take an Indoor or Outdoor seating and I assumed that it will be indoors which will be the de-facto standard in most restaurants. Seats outdoor or bar counters will always be prompted before confirmation. Upon arrival, the staff informed that most of the indoor seats were reserved 2-3 weeks ago, and mine was short notice. I have no other comments and asked to be transferred asap. Conclusion: Honesty of staff: “You don’t ask, I won’t inform. Nothing’s wrong, you can’t fault me.” Felt disappointed x 2.   Food was good, value for money. Staff’s helpful though service was slow at times. It was a warm Saturday evening, took 10 mins to serve Ice water. And during meal, 10 mins after ordering, to serve a bowl of plain rice. Garlic rice was tasty and Beef lion  was succulent and tender. Restaurant was only 40% filled.
Visited this place some years back, ambience and environment was much better than.
13 Jun 2014 • 12 reviews • 0 follower

Food has deteriorated in quality and size

Table allocation experience was not good even though we had a booking. Service was not excellent but not totally terrible. 

More importantly we felt that the sashimi slices are not as tasty as before. It tastes ordinary now compared to our previous experience here. The sashimi at Sakuraya Fish Market is just as nice but at cheaper prices, despite En Dining's 50% discount from 6-8pm. The slices are significantly thinner and therefore the pieces are not longer succulent. The sashimi at Megumi Japanese restaurant along Siglap offers much thicker slices. and chikuwai tei right opposite this restaurant has better sashimi slices in its popular chirashi Don. 

Overall a big disappointment and we won't bother to come here for the 50% discount anymore. Nothing special.