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Hoongy !
 • 25 Feb 2013 1871 reviews 257 followers
Looking for a place to have a Japanese dinner, I decided to pay a visit to En Japanese Dining Bar at UE Square. 

To start, we had the Sashimi Moriwase ($38.80) which consisted of red snapper, salmon, tuna, yellowtail and octopus. Three slices of it. What was amazing was that I found out at the end of the meal that we had a 50% off that dish.

From the grill menu I tried the Wafu Steak ($17.50). Unfortunately I found the meat to be too chewy. I also tried the Tsukune ($9). The chicken balls were huge tasted quite "beefy" if you ask  me - too thick.

The carbo dishes though were quite good. The Wafu Spaghetti ($12.80) was a huge portion of cod roe spaghetti - quite creamy. The Garlic Fried Rice ($10.80) is really big and has a good level of "wok hei".

Overall, while food has its ups and downs, the service unfortunately did not make the mark. The (limited English speaking) waitress got my orders wrong - with orders like the steak and the ice lemon tea not recorded. That unfortunately marred the otherwise so-so dining experience.

Must tries: Garlic Fried Rice

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