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Entre-Nous Creperie servesup a scrumptious selection of sweet and savoury crepes with a range of homemade fillings, inspired by the Brittany region of France.

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The second crepe as the first was returned along with the extra serving of chef's hair
The second crepe as the first was returned along with the extra serving of chef's hair
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Refreshing Crispy Crepe

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 77

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The cafe was also quite hot and stuffy. Not sure is it because the aircon not on long enough as we went there early. They have a wide variety of filling to go with their crepes. The crepe is crispy type. First time I tried crispy crepe. Quite Interesting. I think it is a refreshing change.

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Bitter Aftertaste

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

I have nothing bad to say about the food, it didn't offend to say the least. However, my crepe with salted caramel butter came with a serving of the chef's hair. Now, I understand that these things happen (hopefully never) in amateur kitchens but what was appalling was that neither the chef nor his owner-wife made any attempt of apologising or even acknowledging the matter. There was no goodwill gesture of a free scoop of ice-cream, nor even a mere smile. I can understand if the cafe was bustling and they were busting tables to care - but I was one of two diners and the other had already paid the cheque! I expected more from the service industry, to say the least! Only saving grace is the extremely friendly and smiley Chinese waitress that seemed genuinely happy to be working for this po-faced couple! A true sunshine in character and radiant personality, the only nice thing I could say about the cafe. Oh, and if this review does not put you off, bring lots of cash. For a 21st century cafe with the exorbitant prices it commands on its menu, they only accept cash. And no where is that written as a fore-warning either.

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The management of Entre-Nous Creperie responded to this review:
21 Oct 2014
It wasn't my hair (If you notice I have short blond hair) but probably the one from "The friendly and smiley Chinese waitress" as you says which is by the way Singaporean. I wasn't aware at the time of this problem as I haven't done your crepe myself. But the waitress apologise to you and exchange it strait away for a new one.

An unassuming hidden gem run by a French husband and wife team.

An unassuming hidden gem run by a French husband and wife team—Stephane Meunier’s in the kitchen and Geraldine Porte plays the role of manager—that’s all too easy to walk past, but that would be a mistake. The crêpes here are easily the best in town—both the savory buckwheat galettes and sweet versions are lip‑smackingly good—made with organic buckwheat and wheat flour and only Le Gall butter from
Brittany (where Porte hails from). Even if you’re not into sweets, be
sure to order up their signature Entre‑nous crêpe, a paper‑thin treat drizzled with addictive homemade salted butter caramel.

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