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$105 based on 94 submissions
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Renowned for its multi-sensory culinary experience and awe-inspiring views, Equinox Restaurant offers an abundance of choice highlighting Modern European cuisine that pays homage to traditional values.


Relish decadent signature creations from the a la carte menu, or enjoy a sumptuous semi-buffet lunch, leisurely high tea or luxurious Sunday Champagne Brunch that promises an afternoon of indulgence with an array of the freshest seafood, hearty roasts served up from the carving station and delightful desserts.

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Duck Consomme, Braised Duck Leg, Truffle Ravioli
Duck Consomme, Braised Duck Leg, Truffle Ravioli
Slow-cooked Pork Cheeks
Slow-cooked Pork Cheeks
Poached William Pear
Poached William Pear
  • foie gras 7 votes
  • desserts 5 votes
  • Sashimi 3 votes
  • Creme Brulee 2 votes
  • baby lamb 2 votes
  • mango panna cotta 2 votes
  • Beef tatki 1 vote
  • Beijing Roast Duck Wrap 1 vote
  • Braised Duck Leg 1 vote
  • Bread Pudding 1 vote
  • Confit Ravioli 1 vote
  • Cosmopolitan 1 vote
  • Duck Consomme 1 vote
  • Equinox Blue 1 vote
  • Handroll 1 vote
  • Laksa 1 vote
  • Mushroom salad 1 vote
  • Oriental Stlye Mushroom 1 vote
  • Oysters 1 vote
  • Poached William Pear 1 vote
  • Portobello Mushrooms 1 vote
  • Prawns in hot sauce 1 vote
  • Roasted Miso Black Cod 1 vote
  • Slow-cooked Pork Cheek 1 vote
  • Steak 1 vote
  • Steamed snapper 1 vote
  • Tenderloin 1 vote
  • Unpasteurised Cheese platter 1 vote
  • crab bisque 1 vote
  • grilled beef 1 vote
  • mint tea 1 vote
  • scallops 1 vote
  • tuna sandwich 1 vote
  • wagyu beef 1 vote


Pumpkin Broth, Pickled Pumpkin, Sage, Black Truffle Gnocchi ...
Mussel Bisque, Charred Squid, Smoked Bacon, Lobster Fritter ...
Seared Foie Gras, Caramelised Orange, Poached Rhubarb, Pistachio ...

Latest Review for Equinox Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 92 reviews
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Charming view, great appetizers

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 25

For lunch, Equinox serves up a semi-buffet with a single order of a main course flanked by both appetizers and deserts buffet.  Lunch at Equinox usually goes for S$59++ but for restaurant week a special price of S$40++ applies instead. Sweet!

Besides food, Equinox is better known for its astounding view that enables diners to glimpse beyond Singapore to the isles of Malaysia and Indonesia. We were lucky to get a table that was only a seat away from the window and was able to enjoy the magnificent view without the glare of direct sunlight upon us.

The appetizers impressed with the variety as well as freshness of the offerings. From sashimi and sushi to cold seafood and foie gras and smoked salmon, the dishes were mostly well-executed and were the highlight of our meal. In particular the foie gras pate with jelly was exceptionally delicious albeit a little too rich for me to enjoy more than a single portion. The spread of cold seafood included two types of oysters, prawns, crabs as well as mussels and clams.

On to the mains, which our server politely informed us would require 20 minutes for preparation and which we could request at any time while enjoying the appetizers. My guest had the Grilled Salmon Fillet with Herb Crushed Potatoes, Caper, Shallots and Tomato Salsa while I had the Roast Breast of Chicken with Pommes Purée and Chasseur Sauce. After the excellent appetizers, we were severely disappointed by the mains. The only praise that I could give was that both the chicken and salmon were cooked just right. However, this is underwhelmed by the sauces which were overpowering and which did not go well with the dishes at all. A rather uninspiring attempt and we would have been glad to skip the mains completely.

Deserts consisted of ice-cream, cakes, pastries, cheeses and a chocolate fondue, among other things. I especially enjoyed the chocolate fudge with caramel and mango panna cotta which looked pretty and tasted delicious.

For more photos and the full review visit https://voraciousappetite.wordpress.com/2012/10/13/equinox-swissotel-the-stamford/ 

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Refused entry due to not fully covered pants!!!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Even TOP 10 restaurants in Singapore does not have such requirement which is so last century!

Please read some fashion magazines, formal or high class does not mean have to be 100% covered.

Spoiled our celebration mode!

If I can rate no star I would do so. I will never ever step into this place again!

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pricey but worth the view

Total Reviews: 160

Equinox restaurant is located in the central business district area and can be easily accessed by the rail. It is conveniently located at the 70th level in swissotel.

The restaurant offers a range of international buffet spread but the focus is on the European/ western side.  even though much reviews have said that the standard has been dropping but I think there is still some saving factors for the dessert spread. Nicely arranged and definitely appetizing. Who wouldn’t resist to have more desserts. As what my friends always say… girls or ladies have an additional stomach for desserts. Pricey as it may be but you are paying for the view and ambience that cannot really be experienced else where. 

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