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Etna Italian Restaurant (East Coast)


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In a very elegant and cozy ambience decorated with Sicilian artifacts and furniture, Etna Restaurant & Pizzeria serves delightful Italian Chef’s specialties, unique recipes from the Italian region of Sicily, and the best original Italian pizza, all using finest ingredients imported from Italy.

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

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Dinner (34 votes), Children/Family (22 votes), Lunch (19 votes)
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Good Italian Food in Upper East Coast!

Opened for 6 years, Etna Restaurant serves delightful Italian Chef’s specialties, unique recipes from the Italian region of Sicily, and the best original Italian pizza, all using finest ingredients imported from Italy. Etna is one of the 18 restaurants which get accredited by Italian Embassy. The few criteria that entails this accreditation are: chef must be Italian, 70% of the ingredients must come from Italy and have DOP certification.

Dinner started with some Fresh mozzarella cheese with rocket salad, Pachino cherry tomatoes and Parma raw ham ($32). These are the freshest batch of air-flown cheese from Italy, they are firm on the outside but milky and smooth on the inside. The ham and tomatoes are good too! If you didn’t realize, the ingredients here form the colours of the Italy flag.

Everyday, Etna will come up with daily specials which will be displayed in the chalkboard above the open concept kitchen. One of the daily specials we had that day was Mussels with Mixed Herbs. The herbs and pistachio left the mussels a wonderfully fragrant flavour.

Anything with mushrooms and truffle tastes good. My favourite for that night was Homemade Semolina Pasta in a cream sauce of porcini mushroom, homemade pork sausage and Italian truffle cream ($28). The truffle cream permeates through the pasta, just do a slight toss and everything will fall in place.

One of Etna’s signature is the Italian style Roasted pork knuckle with potatoes ($48). The pork knuckle may look deep fried, but it is actually braised with beer sauce for 4 good hours before roasted. The end result? Very tender meat!

Tiramisu with pistachio cream ($14) is one of restaurant’s signature and it was ranked as the top 10 desserts by Standard Chartered. The pistachio cream came from Bronte in Sicily and there are a few drops of mandarin liqueur.

We are also give three small cups of Italian liqueurs to give it a try. They are Limoncello (yellow), Amaro (red) and Grappa (colourless). The Grappa has the strong alcohol level of 45%.

Lovely food at Etna. Heard they have very good pizzas, would love to come back and try it next time! By the way, from now till 31 Dec 2013, DBS/POSB cardholders enjoy a 10% discount on a la carte food items!

Thank you Hungrygowhere for the invite. To read more about it, click here.

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  • pistachio tiramisu9 votes
  • spaghetti al granchio (crabmeat)6 votes
  • pizzas5 votes
  • Fresh Buratta on Rocket Salad and Cherry Tomatoes served with Parma Ham3 votes
  • linguine with scallop and pink lobster sauce3 votes
  • Calamari alla Griglia con Croccante di Spezie e Salsa Aioli2 votes
  • pan fried cod fish2 votes
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Stew Kuche

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18 Dec 2014 • 19 reviews • 0 follower

Great food & service

For more details and pictures, visit 

I really enjoyed this place a lot. I had their Norcina pizza and this is definitely recommended! This comes with a truffle base and it is so good! The truffle taste was so strong because they used a paste instead of just truffle oil. This is definitely recommended. You won't be disappointed, especially if your a truffle fan.

I also tried their ravioli with spinach and ricotta cheese filling. This wasn't particularly fantastic but it just average. Decent enough. You should try their wines though! I thought they were really good! Their dessert wines are really sweet and definitely suits someone with a sweet tooth like me.

19 Oct 2014 • 342 reviews • 54 followers

Authentic Italian Sicilian Fine Dining

Full Etna review here:

Founded in 2006, Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria is known for its authentic Italian Sicilian cuisine, use of fresh, premium ingredients, and its impeccable service. Named after Mount Etna, an active volcano on the east coast of Sicily, Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria ensures a great dining experience through its tasty, authentic Italian food and warm hospitality. It's even been awarded the Ospitalita Italiana Gold Seal, an award which is presented by the Italian government / Italian embassies to recognise superb Italian restaurants.

Ambience at Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria is semi-formal. Decor brings to mind restaurants along the coasts of Sicily, with walls of red brick, brightly lit rooms, and fine tableware. Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria generally has a small floor space that is packed tightly, this causes a rather noisy atmosphere when it's crowded. They also have a small outdoor al-fresco dining area. A chalkboard along the counter lists the daily specials, and I like that tables are spacious enough to accomodate their large serving plates.

Service at Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria is impeccable, befitting a fine dining establishment. Staff will welcome you, and seating is done quickly. I like that staff are knowledgable on the menu, as well as the daily specials, able to make recommendations, including pairing of wine. Orders are fulfilled relatively quickly, and dirty plates are also cleared efficiently. They're proactive, offering to change plates after several courses. I also like that staff come round to check on your dining experience, as well as ask for feedback. Excellent!

Food at Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria revolves around Italian cuisine, specifically, dishes from Sicily. Fresh, premium ingredients are imported, and dishes are crafted according to traditional, authentic recipes, in large portions suitable for sharing. I love the clean presentation of the dishes, and generally taste fresh, packed with flavour. Ingredients are prepared simply and allowed to shine. Prices are comparable to other fine dining establishments, budget about SGD $35 or more per person for a meal here.

A daily special, the Fresh Burrata With Parma Ham (SGD $42) is not always available, but is a great appetizer to order if you see it on the chalkboard. Large enough to share between 4 people, the burrata, which is made with mozzarella and cream, is soft, creamy, and fresh. Pair each mouthful of the smooth, creamy cheese with fresh arugula / eruca sativa, juicy cherry tomatoes, and salty, smoky parma ham / prosciutto crudo for an explosion of flavour.

The Linguine Al Granchio (SGD $27) features perfectly done linguine and fresh crab meat, in a savoury, reduced lobster bisque that is packed with crustacean flavour. Topped with a slightly salty soft shell crab, this is a bold dish. Pretty good!
  • Tiramisu Al Pistacchio Di Bronte
12 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Decent food let down by disgraceful service

  Let's be fair: the food was pretty decent (pasta and pork cheek were good, lasagna was ok, pizza wasn't anything to rave about), and the person topping up the drinks was attentive enough. The maître d was polite and warm.   But everything about the experience started to go downhill when we asked to order our food. As we went round the table ordering our starters and mains, the female waitress interrupted us and said it would be good if we could list all our starters before moving on to mains, otherwise it was not going to be possible for her to take down everything person by person. And she delivered this rather curtly.   When the pizza came, our friend had the sharpest of eyes to spot a hair sticking out from the centre of the dish. We promptly called the waiter, who apologised and went to make a new one. But there was no separate attempt at an apology or way of making it up later on. We weren't expecting a free meal, of course, but at least have the decency to come over and apologise for the mistake instead of hoping it will blow over.   When we were done with our meal, one of the waiters asked if we wanted any desserts. We said no, and asked if there was any credit card discount, to which the waiter said no. But when the bill came, another waiter said there was a DBS card discount. All rather confusing, but never mind, let's pay the bill.   When the bill returned for the signature, they passed it to the wrong person to sign. Then soon after that was settled, one of the waiters told us - mind you, it wasn't a request - that he really needed the table. Meaning that we had to scoot even though Etna never told us at the time of reservation or at the meal that we had a limited time to dine there. The waiter wasn't even apologetic about telling us to go.   My first time here, and probably my last. We're paying $45 per pax and the least we could expect is some friendliness and courtesy. That's not asking for too much, and there are plenty of places where you can get that at lower prices. What a shame.
08 Jun 2014 • 0 review • 0 follower

our go-to place for authentic Italian food

Food: delicious and authentic Presentation of food: fantastic Staff knowledge of Italian food: excellent Service: top class Wine: pretty exhaustive Italian wine collection Price: mid to high end. With one drink and 2 pax, you can expect to spend about 150 sgd Favorites: we are still exploring! But the lasagna bolognese and linguine al granchio are worth trying. Ambience is quiet and relaxed.
22 Jun 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Pizza standards have plummeted!

Pizza was always good here until today. The crust was wet and soggy yet the bottom was burnt; a supermarket pizza is gourmet compared to this pizza. The cheese was unevenly distributed and there wasnt enough tomato sauce, which adds on to the mystery of a soggy crust. We had two pizzas and both were disgusting. The staff/manager there was extremely blase about it when I informed her of this, seems our business is not needed there. We wont be returning to Etna anymore, very sad and disappointed as it was a nice neighborhood restaurant to grab a pizza at.