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Fhoul Madinah Istimewa Original Kacang Pool


The HGW community like this place for...

28 Feb 2010 • 1 review • 0 follower

The Best Kacang Pool (Fhoul) in Singapore!

Authentic & Delicious kacang pool (fhoul) home-recipe from Hadramaut. They have been around since 1950s- the good old days of food carts in Geylang Serai. The founder was the late Syed Alwee, his son Syed Ali is currently continuing the family tradition in serving this fine cruisine. The sashuka is Fantastic! & the wheat porridge (bubur gandum) is simply Awesome! A must try for those who love Authentic Arab cruisine. The stall is open daily from 0630hrs to 1200hrs except Mondays (they will operate on Monday if it is a Public Holiday). Their daily menu is fhoul and fhoul. You have to ask them when are the sashuka and wheat porridge in the menu because it is usually reserve for special occasion.