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Reviews for Fig & Olive (Downtown East)

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Adrian Khiat

Quite decent food

I purchased their membership at a price of $29.90 when someone knocked our doors to sell it. With this membership card, I get to enjoy 1-for-1 maincourse deal till November. Without the membership, I may not even think of trying the food because it looks pricey for their main courses which I thought I can get from other places like Jacks Place or Swensens, where there are always promotions.

After trying for my first time, I realised that their food are quite different and I start to appreciate Mediterranean food better. There seems a lot of Olives, herbs and vegetables used in their food.

I'd tried the Zafira Zaytoon Steak and the Fish Melted Cheese. The Fish is average but the steak is good. The Shirloin was cooked with herbs to a medium well state. You can virtually see the herbs sticking to the beef and taste it with every mouthful. The generous amount of Olives used in the dish with the baked potatoes and fresh greens make this dish really mouth watering.

Fig & Olive must do something to market themselves if they have good food. They should have more promotions to market the young professionals and families instead of students.

I have to minus points for their service, they forgot to serve me the drinks despite that the resturant was almost empty and I couldn't find anyone in sight to ask for bill after my meal even when the resturant is so open. They also never asked me on the wellness of the steak I prefer.

With the 1-for-1, I spent only $23 for 2 person. Without that, it will probably cost me $45.
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10 Dec 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

The Worst Food We Ever Had In Our Life

Fig & Olive restaurant. The worst food we've ever had in our life. Meat was tougher than cow hide (I didn't know meat could be that hard!). They fried the meat, chopped it up and stuck the cubes on a skewer and called it kabab. The fish was tasteless and over cooked. Burchetta was dry as a dessert rock topped with unripe chopped tomatoes (not even a drop of olive oil!). They used garlic bread and just threw on some chopped vegetables. As for the wrap, it was soggy. Probably wrapped up all the ingredients inside and heated up in the microwave (lettuce included!). The only edible thing was the
A disgusting bowl..This shows that this restaurant is helmed by people who have VERY low standards.
05 Apr 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


I visited this place for dinner. Ordered The seafood marinara pasta, the garlic chicken and another chicken dish which came with rice. (Magribi chicken or something like that)

I came in after a long day at work looking to have a good dinner with my family. 

It started off well, with the 2 staff being very friendly. Then it all went downhill from there.

The rice which came with the Magribi chicken was hard and looked like it had been gone straight from the in the fridge, to the microwave. Hard, tasteless. I should've taken a photo of the rice but wasn't pissed off enogh at that time.

02 May 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Fig & Olive (Downtown East)

Peace be upon you..

My family dropped by for lunch yesterday & we were overwhelmed by the crowd. Irregardless, we were seated & our orders were promptly served. While we were enjoying our meal, one of the female staff started screaming loudly. We honestly felt like leaving the diner.

I seriously will reconsider coming back.


Abdullah Aljunied