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Review for Fig & Olive (Downtown East)


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GreekHalalMediterraneanMiddle EasternTurkishWestern
Address: #02-119, Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, 519599

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05 Apr 2013 • 1 Review • 0 Follower


I visited this place for dinner. Ordered The seafood marinara pasta, the garlic chicken and another chicken dish which came with rice. (Magribi chicken or something like that)

I came in after a long day at work looking to have a good dinner with my family. 

It started off well, with the 2 staff being very friendly. Then it all went downhill from there.

The rice which came with the Magribi chicken was hard and looked like it had been gone straight from the in the fridge, to the microwave. Hard, tasteless. I should've taken a photo of the rice but wasn't pissed off enogh at that time.

Seafood Marinara ($18.90) When the pasta came, it too looked like it had gone through the microwave. The tomato sauce was sitting on top of the pasta (which was overcooked). Imagine opening a can of can tomatos, pouring it out on a sieve to drain any excess liquids, and then dumping it on the pasta. 1 look, that's all it took. I took a bite, refusing to judge a book by it's cover. I wasn't wrong - Tasteless. I added salt, still - nothing. 

Then I saw the prawns. Look at the photos. The prawns were not fresh, and had been overcooked. I couldn't even seperate the flesh from the shell.

I considered rejecting the dish there and then, but my wife persuaded me not to, saying it was part of a promotion. I disagreed, but left it on the table anyway.

Then towards the end of my (by now torturous) meal, the waitress brings my soup, in a bowl that .....(Refer to photo) Just look at the photo. Enough said. I said I didin't want the soup anymore, coz I was already almost through, she said, "it's ok lah, just leave it there." Ok fine..

I tell the waitress about the tasteless pasta and prawns, she gives a sympathetic look, apologizes. Then comes back later and in a somewhat sacarstic tone (I may have been sensitive about this), says, "About the pasta, actually, we have salt on the table." I nearly exploded. But I just told her, I had already added salt to the pasta, but it did not work the miracle that she expected it to.

By this time, I can't wait for my wife to be done with her meal so I can leave this piece of s*** of a restaurant. As I pay the bill, I was waiting to see if my complaints were taken seriously. The waitress had after all, replied to my complaints with a very sympathetic look and had also said ," I'm so sorry, I feel like crying." But there was no effort to salvage the situation, I was charged the full bill, including the soup which I had rejected but the waitress had said, "Just leave it there lah". Not wanting to have to stay in that place any longer than I already had, I paid, knowing I would never, ever, ever go back there. 

Now here's the thing, I was so pissed I posted the photos immediately on their FB page (, and within 10mins, my post was taken down :) So since my complaints were not being heeded by the people who run this excuse for a restaurant, I decided to write here instead.

Average Spend
$40 for 2 pax
  • A disgusting bowl..This shows that this restaurant is helmed by people who have VERY low standards.
  • Couldn't seperate the flesh from the shell. Over-cooked, not fresh.
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