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Review for Fig & Olive (Downtown East)


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10 Dec 2013 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

The Worst Food We Ever Had In Our Life

Fig & Olive restaurant. The worst food we've ever had in our life. Meat was tougher than cow hide (I didn't know meat could be that hard!). They fried the meat, chopped it up and stuck the cubes on a skewer and called it kabab. The fish was tasteless and over cooked. Burchetta was dry as a dessert rock topped with unripe chopped tomatoes (not even a drop of olive oil!). They used garlic bread and just threw on some chopped vegetables. As for the wrap, it was soggy. Probably wrapped up all the ingredients inside and heated up in the microwave (lettuce included!). The only edible thing was the mushroom soup which was most likely from a mix or can which didn't require any real cooking. $74 for 2 mains and 2 sides. No drinks included. This is a business waiting to close down.
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$74 for 2 pax
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