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Authentic Thai Cuisine By First Thai @ Purvis Street (Bugis)

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 258

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Operating hours at First Thai is relatively short, and is packed with people most of the time! No reservation allowed, so come early if you want to avoid queuing.

Basil Chicken - Spicy, yet flavorful!

Green Curry - Very rich and creamy. Heavy with coconut base...a little less generous would had been perfect for me.

Panda Chicken - Fragrant and chunky, couldn't ask for more!

Phad Thai - One of the better ones around Singapore. Semi-wet and gooey (that's how I describe and prefer), balanced on the sweetness and generous with their garnishing.

Sea Bass in Thai Sauce - Some protein for our muscles! Very delicious and appetizing gravy/soup and the fish was fresh!

Overall, First Thai was priced a little above average but with good portions and taste. I guess that even things out.

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Horrible service to the MAX!!!

Food/Drink 3 | Value N/A | Ambience N/A | Service 1
Total Reviews: 267

First Thai reminded me of Maggi Thai a couple of streets down at Liang Seah St... Both had a pretty down-to-earth simple decor with nice little touches aircon noisy ambience...n juz the basic concept of order eat and pay style while trying to serve authentic and decent Thai cuisine!

Sadly, the dinner started off on a bad note when a waitress refused to give us an empty table juz becoz there's oni 3 of us present for a party of 4! I can understand if let's say oni 2 out of 5 r present denied coz hogging but 3 out of 4? cmon! This is even after the guy (seems like e boss) gave us e green light to sit on e table n e waitress promptly proceeded to go into an argument with him right in front of us! Boy did e waitress hated our pretty faces or wat?!?! Wat a lovely start to dinner! Oh by e way no desserts for Fri Sat n Sun nites! :(

"Lovely" service aside... we had the green mango salad to start with and i tot this is absolutely lovely! The green mango strips n e dried shrimps n tangy sauce all come together really really well and i likey! It juz tasted fresh n zesty! Next we had e tom yum seafood soup big size and no kidding it came in a really hugh bowl! However i tot e soup sux totally! I did not taste much flavours at 1st sip.. in fact it was kinda bland and a few secs later? e chilli hit me..conclusion? chilli water.. very very disappointed in this.

We had a couple of carbo dishes namely e belachan fried rice and phad thai.. The belachan rice is surprisingly good! It hit all e right notes with e belachan n wok hei n is very tasty!... This is pretty much e best dish of e night so yum! I did not fancy e phad thai at all but tat said i'm never a fan of phad thai anyway.. Also once u had tried Thipsamai's phad thai ie Best in Thailand's? No other pad thai will ever be good enuff... (*salivating juz at e tot of it!")

We also ordered e sambal sotongs with long beans which is not bad... i liked e chilli and it goes well with e fried rice.. The minced pork with basil is quite a let down... e pork seems undercooked n overly salty n is very white in color n seems very different from e ones we usually had hence no one's touching e dish!

The prawn cakes tasted juz like some normal prawn fritters out there with mayo so not very thai to me and e thai fish cakes r juz disastrous! It's very dry! I can forgive e dryness if it had still tasted good but nope.. it's juz not very nice so forget about this..

The drinks r a tad ex @ $3 for fruit punch n iced milk tea but it's not bad la..

Overall i tot that e food is juz average with mostly disappointments... It aint exactly cheap either @ $24/pax for a place like this and i gotta say e service is really TERRIBLE!

It's totally hard to get anyone's attention and dun bother enquiring y certains dishes/drinks took so long since u will get a dirty look from e waitress n a reply of "alot of orders".. e final straw came when e waitress cleared our dishes BEFORE we had finished.. She simply threw my friend's full bowl of soup away n juz threw all e dishes together right next to my friend who's still eating her phad thai.. how disgusting is that?? In case u tot we r bitches to her no we r not.. in fact we juz sat there meekly..

I might forgive the place despite e shabby treatment IF e food is good and cheap.. oh well even if it's juz good or cheap but sadly it's sooooo not either..

We get e hint that repeat customers r not something u guys sought after so no worries... WE WON"T BE BACK ANYWAY!

(service 1 - well they did bring food to us)

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Good prices, good food, c*** service. but still recommended

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 10

Fist first thai with an open mind
 Service here is negative 5. you will be rudely directed to your seat and during busy periods its an arm raising warfare between fellow customers.
 That said...
 The food is great! rich and delicious and almost exactly how casual thai cuisine should taste.
 The value is superb! you can easy get away with a nice meal for under 12 bucks and still have a bunch of coins to buy some extra glasses of iced water (30c) to wash down all that thai goodness.

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Not a customer friendly restaurant at all!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

You are not allowed to get a table even if the rest of your party is arriving in less than 5 minutes. And when asked to use less sauce on the basil pork, the manager in charge herself tells you that her restaurant is authentic Thai and they can't adapt to your request!?

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Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Service  sucks all time as if we owe them.. do not allow u to order drinks 1st, need to order everything together at one go.. so d*** rigid.. no desserts during dinner time.. end of e day, as if customers  r e one which need to listen to them.. 

Though e price is reasonable  but i will not come back again for sure.. what for get angry even before e start of e dinner

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