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$37 based on 12 reviews
Located in Ramada Singapore, Flavours at Zhongshan Park is to be an ideal, choice destination for authentic Straits Chinese cuisine coupled with a carefully selected mix of international and western favorites. See what foodies like this place for
SG Food on Foot • 15 Jul 2013205 reviews 20 followers

Flavours at Zhongshan Park is the latest restaurant to open its door at the food haven stretch of Balestier road. The hotel restaurant at level 1 of Ramada Singapore serves authentic Straits Chinese cuisine coupled with a selected mix of international and western favourite. Understandable since it is a hotel restaurant and the need to cater for the different guest's palate.
Started with a pre-dinner mocktail, Curry Leave Mijoto while we waited for the rest of the table to...

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  • Children/Family5 votes
  • After Work4 votes
  • Dinner4 votes
  • Lunch4 votes
  • Business Dining3 votes
  • Quiet3 votes


  • Kueh pie tee4 votes
  • Beef cheek rendang3 votes
  • Black Bean Slipper Lobster at the tastingBlack Bean Slipper Lobster at the tasting
  • Itek Tim at the tastingItek Tim at the tasting
  • Pork and Cucumber Salad at the tastingPork and Cucumber Salad at the tasting
  • Mint and Cucumber Cocktail at the tastingMint and Cucumber Cocktail at the tasting
  • Kueh Pie Tee at the tastingKueh Pie Tee at the tasting
  • King Prawns in Chilli Sauce at the tastingKing Prawns in Chilli Sauce at the tasting
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pickledpeas • 20 May 2014148 reviews 6 followers

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 Flavours at Zhong Shan Park is inside the Ramada Hotel, and is a peranakan restaurant that is more popular for its weekend buffets (it was practically deserted when we went), but I suppose the chefs still have to come to prepare the guest’s room service orders. The hotel is set in a very peaceful park that is home to two majestic banyan trees, perfect for an after dinner stroll. There’re...

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DreamLove Eat • 09 Feb 201454 reviews 1 followers

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The restaurant is quite spacious. The service staff was friendly and efficient. The buffet spread is peranakan style. I was a bit skeptical. Luckily, they do have the international cuisine such as cold prawns, cold crab, salmon sashimi, and sushi as well. The cold prawns are very fresh and the sashimi is also cut in thick slices.

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SG Food on Foot • 01 Feb 2014205 reviews 20 followers

Full review and photos, click HERE 
With a new Executive Chef Melvin Lim on board and a bigger selection of Straits Chinese delights, I looked forward to my second visit to Flavours at Zhongshan Park since I last dine here back in July 2013. The new menu consists of a larger selection of Straits Chinese cuisine while maintaining a carefully selected mix of international and western favourites, providing customers with more dining options.
Not to be...

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