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Dont Bother

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

We ordered the fish assam pedas, baby kailan, belly pork salad and beef rendang.

The assam pedas was passable.
Baby Kailan - its an ordinary dish; if you cant cook it, what can I say?
Beef rendang - meat was well done - melt in your mouth but the rempah although thick had no kick whatsoever - there was no oomph to the taste.
Pork Belly Salad - nothing great.

I wouldnt go back - its not cheap and I was better off eating in Whampoa market food centre.

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Most helpful reviews for Flavours At Zhongshan Park

Excellent service, great Peranakan food.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 6

Visited the restaurant during their opening period. Service was excellent, staff was very attentive. However the only down part was that the serving timing was a little slow, perhaps due to the heavy traffic during lunch time.

I enjoyed the ayam buah keluak best, I could finish whole plate of rice just with it. Got the hazelnut softshell crab salad as starters, the sauces that comes with it was special and very unique. My partner ordered the nasi goreng and it was a very generous portion, and the wings are delicious and cripsy.

Need to try their specially created mocktails as well - my recommendation is the curry leave mojito, sounds weird as first but taste refreshing and i didnt regret ordering it.

Would like to go there again with my family or colleages so we can order more dishes to share.

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Superstar Zichar Semi-Buffet

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 350

For the complete review, click here:

My first encounter with Chef Melvin Lim's creation of Ah Hood Burger was during the Ultimate Hawker Festival 2014. It was a combination of Savoury Kong Ba Bao and Salted Egg Yolk Lobster Crab Cake with Curry Mayonnaise. I was impressed by its creativity and the tastiness of its creation.

So when we were looking for a place for a friends' gathering, we decided to give Flavours of Zhongshan a try. The Chef had just recently came out with a Semi Buffet Zichar. In case you are confused, it is a combination of buffet spread with some ala minute zichar dishes. It is also a fusion style of cooking where the some of the dishes are the meeting between East and West style of cooking.

For starters, we decided to attack the buffet counter. The cold seafood selection have salmon sashimi, prawns, scallops and mussels. The sashimi are fresh and decent. Although the sashimi are not the top of the line, it is good enough. The scallops, mussels and prawns are fresh as well. For the papaya salad and glass noodle salad, Little Devil (LD) feels that it has been toned down to suit the common folks. Unlike the original Thai version.

In the mix salad sections you can choose from the local version of DIY Rojak or the Ceasar Salad, the western version. We tried the local version, we find the Rojak paste is quite tasty. There was even an oven to toast the you tiao. On that day, they have western version of suckling pig. Although the meat is tender, the skin was very disappointing. It has become 'lembek' (Indonesian word soft, chewy and tough).

The pre-cooked dishes are combination of local flavours such as beef rendang, babi pongteh, Bak Kut Teh, steam pork ribs, scallops dumpling and kueh paitee. The one that impressed me the most is the Beef Rendang. It basically melts in your mouth and rich in flavour. So far it is the best dish for the night. The BKT is not far behind, the peppery broth provide a good wake up call for the appetite.

For the review of the Zi Char dishes & desserts, click here.

The décor of the place is bright with a combination of modern with Peranakan flair. Lots of flower were used to decorate the table or divider between seats.

Service was very good. The service staff was friendly and attentive. Although we have a bit of mix up during the reservation, the restaurant gracefully corrected the mistake.

Overall, Flavours at Zhongsan Park provide a good spread for its ZiChar semi buffet. While it is good trying to impress customer with ZiChar dishes, but most of the dishes are ordinary and lacks a 'ohm' taste. With the exception for the beef rendang, baked cod fish from amuse bouche and durian pengat shots, the only other memorable thing for me are the friendliness of the service staff. There are lots of room for improvements, I do hope it can be done soon. Cheers!!

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Still serving great food

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 780

This restaurant opened in July 13 helmed by Chef Melvin n continues to serve delicious local food with enhanced flavours and presentation.  Make sure you go soon, during the promotion period.

Food:  Currently on promotion,  order 3 items from appetiser, main and dessert lists and you get 50% off if you're above 50yr old. (quite easy to get this in Singapore now), our median age is 37.

Appetisers:  we chose the satay salad,  otah otah and the kueh pie tie,  all were delicious but you can skip the otah otah which is rather common place.  The satay salad is very good, a mix of ketupat, cucumber, pork satay in the satay gravey which is used as the salad dressing - interesting idea.

Mains:  We ordered the beef cheeks, braised duck and cod fish in miso.  The beef cheeks were well prepared,  not overly soft in a Asian style sauce.  So was the braised duck,  I did not like the cod fish because it had a fishy smell - could it be the Patagonian tooth fish instead of Chile cod?

The desserts were outstanding:  durian pengat (durian paste with cream),  pandan tiramisu and the mango with sago,  Order all if possible.

Value:  Great value,  averages about $30 per pax

Service:  Not too crowded so were we treated well.

Plan to go there for dinner to use the OCBC card promo of 2nd diner 50% off !

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Average buffet tainted by a poor dinner reservation experience.

Food/Drink 2 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 10

Getting a table with them for the Christmas dinner was a pain as the staff was either a forgetful trainee or the manager wasn't around to e-mail me the relevant document as required as he was on leave the following day and no one followed up. Had to call up multiple times to secure my table. Prepaying for a table was a little awkward and their customer service didn't make it easier.
 Their food on the day consisted of 5 segments.
 The drinks area included various juices which probably came from bottles.
 The cold cut area included prawn salad,cold cut ham, a few types of sushi,Sashimi and some seafood on ice. DIY salad was available too.
 They were mostly forgettable other than the scallops which was quite sweet. Never got any lobster, maybe not much of it was ever on offer. The snow crab was middling, some pieces was sweet and some pieces tasted stale.
 The meats area included some hot dishes such as cereal prawn , sliced ham, turkey and Otak.
 The dishes were mostly mediocre other than the Otak which was flavourful with nice chunks of fish within. The ham and turkey were both tough to chew through.
 The spaghetti counter was never manned, which was unfortunate.
 There was a satay counter with a single type of average satay and a pot of seafood chowder which was heavy on either potatoes or starch.
 The dessert counter had a variety of cakes and dessert. One of them came with durian puree and there was also a pot of honey dew sago. The pineapple dessert was nice and creamy while the rest were middling.
 The teh tarik was nice and creamy but could have used a lighter hand when it comes to the milk and sugar used.
 All in all, an average dinner buffet which didn't make up for the fuss i had to take to obtain the table.

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Very nice Peranakan food

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 148

See the full review with pictures here.   Flavours at Zhong Shan Park is inside the Ramada Hotel, and is a peranakan restaurant that is more popular for its weekend buffets (it was practically deserted when we went), but I suppose the chefs still have to come to prepare the guest’s room service orders. The hotel is set in a very peaceful park that is home to two majestic banyan trees, perfect for an after dinner stroll. There’re several water features in the park, and also other eating establishments which can be a bit pricey, as this place would be but UOB cards get a 15% discount.   We ordered the satay rojak, which was cut up pieces of satay over cucumber slices and ketupat doused in a peanut sauce. There wasn’t much of this, I would have preferred more. The meat was tender and well marinated though.   Kueh Pie Tee is probably the thing I love most in all of Peranakan cuisine. To tell the truth the filling is basically the same as spring roll filling, perhaps a little sweeter, with more haebee and more zhap? You add prawns and crumbled boiled egg, parsley, and some garlic chilli sauce to top it off and it is so good. Not as good as the Ellenborough Market Cafe one though in that this filling is not as moist. The shells are wonderfully crisp.   This was an extremely lightly coloured penang char kway teow. Had a good wok hei, and it came before the rendang and the chilli slipper lobster, which would have made its flavours a bit more muted.   The rendang was not bad, marbled with fats which I didn’t like but if that’s your thing you’ll love this.   We also ordered the slipper Lobster in a chilli crab sauce. So the sauce is totally not really chilli crab sauce – slightly more sour, like an ang moh chef is cooking this or something. It’s still nice with the mantou though.   XY and I shared a durian pengat for dessert – the one at the Ellenborough Market Cafe is still better; they seem to add some extraneous ingredients to this one, like gula melaka and coconut cream. Seriously? The pandan leaf is a dramatic touch though.   All in all, probably coming for the buffet is more worth it. I think we spent smth like $120-140 here (can’t remember exactly) for dinner for the 3 of us. The portions are quite manageable (obviously we ordered a lot) so you can try a lot of different things.  

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