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Review for Flavours At Zhongshan Park


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Address: Level 1, Ramada Singapore, 16 Ah Hood Road, 329983
20 May 2014 • 148 Reviews • 8 Followers

Very nice Peranakan food

See the full review with pictures here.   Flavours at Zhong Shan Park is inside the Ramada Hotel, and is a peranakan restaurant that is more popular for its weekend buffets (it was practically deserted when we went), but I suppose the chefs still have to come to prepare the guest’s room service orders. The hotel is set in a very peaceful park that is home to two majestic banyan trees, perfect for an after dinner stroll. There’re several water features in the park, and also other eating establishments which can be a bit pricey, as this place would be but UOB cards get a 15% discount.   We ordered the satay rojak, which was cut up pieces of satay over cucumber slices and ketupat doused in a peanut sauce. There wasn’t much of this, I would have preferred more. The meat was tender and well marinated though.   Kueh Pie Tee is probably the thing I love most in all of Peranakan cuisine. To tell the truth the filling is basically the same as spring roll filling, perhaps a little sweeter, with more haebee and more zhap? You add prawns and crumbled boiled egg, parsley, and some garlic chilli sauce to top it off and it is so good. Not as good as the Ellenborough Market Cafe one though in that this filling is not as moist. The shells are wonderfully crisp.   This was an extremely lightly coloured penang char kway teow. Had a good wok hei, and it came before the rendang and the chilli slipper lobster, which would have made its flavours a bit more muted.   The rendang was not bad, marbled with fats which I didn’t like but if that’s your thing you’ll love this.   We also ordered the slipper Lobster in a chilli crab sauce. So the sauce is totally not really chilli crab sauce – slightly more sour, like an ang moh chef is cooking this or something. It’s still nice with the mantou though.   XY and I shared a durian pengat for dessert – the one at the Ellenborough Market Cafe is still better; they seem to add some extraneous ingredients to this one, like gula melaka and coconut cream. Seriously? The pandan leaf is a dramatic touch though.   All in all, probably coming for the buffet is more worth it. I think we spent smth like $120-140 here (can’t remember exactly) for dinner for the 3 of us. The portions are quite manageable (obviously we ordered a lot) so you can try a lot of different things.  
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