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Food For Thought is all about serving up good food for a good cause. Nosh on comfort food such as sage roasted pumpkin risotto, rosemary garlic fries, and hazelnut chocolate crunch, or do some ethical shopping in the merchandise section for soft toys, teeshirts, (pre)loved books and other beautiful things.

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Pulled pork burger for $9 with no sides
Pulled pork burger for $9 with no sides
the side that i ordered with the pathetic amount of dip. want more?prepare to fork out another $1.50
the side that i ordered with the pathetic amount of dip. want more?prepare to fork out another $1.50

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Good food but way too overpriced!

Food/Drink 3| Value 1| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 19

I've always been a fan of Food For Thought. I often visit the outlet at National Museum. This time i decided to try something different and visit the outlet near Singapore Art Museum! For more photos and details visit

I was a bit dissapointed with the pricing here at the SAM outlet. I ordered their burgers, which was something new on their menu (you can't find this at the National Museum outlet). I had their pulled pork burger. 

The pulled pork was marinated with BBQ sauce. That were some fried sweet potato bits in my burger so i thought that was an interesting twist. There was a good serving of vegetables in my burger. It was a good burger and definitely something for the health conscious.

However, it was way too overpriced. It was just $9 for a burger. No sides, no nothing, no whatever. And it was probably the size of a mcdonalds burger? I didn't feel satisfied after eating it. 

That being said, the burger was decent enough. But because i personally thought it was too overpriced, i won't be getting this again. I'll probably stick to my full works breakfast instead.

The only good thing about this place was that there's no gst/service charge. Everything is self help though, which honestly i don't really mind.

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Expensive but nice place

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 3| Service 2
Total Reviews: 203

First visted because it's a social enterprise and the restaurant really had nice deco and ambience. Subsequently the food wasn't as good and it's also much more expensive than other restaurants. Well I dont really see how they are giving back to the society so I stop going. Prefer to do my part for society elsewhere With more impact. 

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Food with no love

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 12

This is my fourth time there, the last being a year ago. Extremely disappointing. I placed my kids' order first, very soon after we sat down as we wanted to take a bit more time deciding on our own food. Even with the kids' order placed 5-10minutes early, the kitchen didnt even START prepping their food until all the adult dishes were served. It was a horrible half hour wait before our kids got their fried fish fingers and one pan cake. The restaurant was just 30% full at that time (like 5tables with lunch goers). 1) Kid's one single pancake was the longest wait, about half hour after order was placed. It was filled with chocolate chips, drenched in syrup, heaped with whipped cream covered with rainbow sprinkles. It was so terribly unhealthily thought out that my 3year refused to eat more than first bite. 2) Fish fingers were dry, served with fries. Not to forget, after being asked to check on the food 3 times, to compensate for the long wait, the servers went to the kitchen, took two scoops of pumpkin(?) soup and plonked it on our table with nothing more than saying "this is free. sorry for the wait." and walked away. The soup was so salty, no one could taste what it was, no one could drink it. The servers saw all these untouched food on our table, and didnt bother to ask too. We paid $50 for this meal. And had to go macdonalds for a healthier lunch.

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Bad service and humid condition!

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Food in general I would say is Ok but not great, price acceptable but some dishes' pricing could be lower. Now comes the main parts that I'm not pleased with which is their service and the cafe condition.
 Firstly is on the cafe condition, I do not know whether the cafe air-conditioner is spoiled or something, but since there were many fans around, I assumed it is not working. Due to the hot weather, all of us felt quite humid inside the cafe, therefore if it is a standard cafe pricing, this portion has failed one of the basic expectations.
 Putting the spoiled air-conditioner aside, since there were fans around, I thought it was still a decent solution to minimize the humidity inside, sadly the fan isn't strong enough to cover all areas. Now comes the service part, I asked one of the stuffs to adjust the fan direction towards us because the humidity level is making us uncomfortable while having our lunch, the joke is he told me that the fan power cable is not long enough and then just walked away, what the heck does this kind of reply supposed to mean? Your cafe condition is already not pleasing and now your staff giving me such rubbish reply, what's next made me even more pissed off is on clearing the empty plates; you should know your table is not that HUGE that we can put so many dishes/plates on it at the same time, it was a ridicules scene when one of your female staffs brought over a new dish to us, instead of clearing away the empty plate that my friend had finished, she just stood there and wait for my friend to take the new dish from her, best part? she just walked away without clearing the used plate and I have to put the used plate at the other table so that my friend has sufficient space to put the new dish.
 I'm not sure what message does 'Food For Thought' trying to transmit to their customers but from what I see here is a 'High-class' kopitiam / Hawker. I have about 8 years of experiences in F&B industry, while I understand the job is tough to meet different customers' expectation, these basic services had failed badly. To improve on it is up to your business owners to manage as the fact that this cafe has establish a decent reputation in the market, however nowadays such cafes concept are so commonly seen around and also providing decent food quality and pricing, sustaining a business is no longer not that straight forward as in the past.

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