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Review for Fork & Spoon


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10 Jan 2014 • 388 Reviews • 13 Followers

Not too bad

As my daughter so eloquently put it, it's all about the soup right? So I tasted the laksa soup and it's nice and spicy. Very promising of the meal! The fried tau Kua was a little strange in taste but otherwise, my meal is good! I'd say better than some laksa Yong tau foo stalls. Daughter liked the jap rice set enough. The chicken was crispy and the sauce not bad, not exactly Teriyaki but ok. The free soup was not miso based and more like the Chinese egg drop soup. I think a Jap purist who turn those noses up at this but then again, why would a Jap Epicure eat Jap at a food court?!??! Heh... Likely to return to check out other food.
  • Laksa Yong Tau Foo
  • Teriyaki Chicken Set
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