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Helmed by the passionate and meticulous Japanese Chef Yohhei Sasaki, which is classically trained in the art of Italian cuisine, Forlino serving up contemporary Italian cuisine perfected by his own unique Japanese flair. 

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Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 164

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Forlino has all executive and business set lunch, and ala-carte menu. For my dining, we ordered Forlino Classic Set Menu ($108.00), and an extra main course and dessert. We also ordered a bottle of Surgiva Sparkling Water ($9.00), which I prefer distilled water over the former.

Amuse Bouche is usually a single bite-sized complimentary course served by chef to give diners an idea of the approach chef has taken in his cooking. Forlino's amuse bouche has also indeed taken us further in anticipating better courses to come!

Classic Set Menu: Pan Fried Foie Gras. It is similar to the ala-carte under Appetizers section, Fegato Grasso ($36.00). It has wild rocket salad, balsamic cream, and homemade panettone. First of all, I am not a fan nor a dis-liker for foie gras. Forlino has prepared their foie gras perfectly well, being a little crispy and mushy fats, almost melting in my mouth.

Classic Set Menu: Homemade Chitarra Spaghetti, similar to ala-carte under Homemade Pasta and Risotto section, Spaghetti alla Chitarra ($36.00). It consists of octopus, arrabbiata spicy tomato sauce, water spinach, and Sardinian bottarga.

Classic Set Menu: Pan Fried Fillet of Cod Fish wrapped in Parma Prosciutto, similar to ala-carte under Piatti principali section, Merluzzo ($42.00). Besides the cod fish, it also comes with baby cuttlefish in black ink, white polenta and zucchini Flower.

Cod fish is my favorite fish of all, in terms of eating it. It is soft and can almost slide through your throat when swallowing. Forlino did not disappoint me with the cod fish. Their cuttlefish does not have the fishy seafood taste as you chew, and the combination of polenta (cornmeal boiled into a porridge) with the cod fish is just delicious.

Classic Set Menu: Ivoire White Chocolate Mousse, also in ala-carte under Dessert section ($15.00).

Directly ordered something out of the set menu, Duet of Angus Beef ($68.00). One of the best I had, consisting of braised short rib ‘brasato’ and tenderloin ‘rossini’ foie gras, marsala wine sauce, and ricotta spinach raviolone.

Forlino's pair of beef short ribs is just so tender, although I wasn't asked how well I would like it to be. I enjoyed every bit I took, sampling the sauce absorbed and the tenderness of the meat as I chewed.

Forlino's raviolone gave me the initial image of what one will see in some "bak chor mee" stalls. Something like a flat piece of dough, and a mini portion of minced meat enclosed in the middle? In any case, I am quite picky when it comes to vegetable type that I consume, and luckily spinach is one of those I favor, unlike celery.

Another dessert, but ordered directly from the ala-carte menu again, Coconut Panna Cotta ($15.00), with pineapple confit, moscato jelly and passion fruit.

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Gorgeous View, Not Much Else

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 2
Total Reviews: 15

Shame that this once-great restaurant doesn't live up to expectations. 

Sure the view is incredible but you could get one just as beautiful from any of the other restaurants down on the water front. 

Forlino came onto the scene with a big bang and I'm disappointed to report that the new team at the helm falls short of the old standards set by Chef Caramella (now at In Italy at Craig Road). 

Disappointing sea urchin pasta - it had been talked up so much but once it was served, I couldn't finish my portion. 

Scallops were meh, our entrees were meh, we skipped dessert. 

Best part - we thought we were coming here for a fine dining experience - the table next to ours, full of noisy expats, came dressed in shorts and slippers. Surely you must be joking... 

Spotty service, snotty server who didn't come around much, mediocre overpriced food - Definitely not coming back for a second round. 

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A Let Down

Food/Drink 2| Value 3| Ambience 5| Service 4
Total Reviews: 5

Went for the HSBC 1-for-1 offer for the chef's 7-course classic menu which includes bread and cheese, pan fried foie gras, spaghetti, main of either short rib or cod fish, white chocolate mousse and coffee/tea.
Except for the coffee which is not bad, the rest are quite disappointing. The foie gras did not create the satisfaction that I always had with any pan fried foie gras. The spaghetti had a very slight fishy taste, enough to make me dislike this dish, and the cod fish was too 'dry', i.e. no trace of the cod fat/oil that will melt in the mouth. This is very different from most of the positive reviews I had read online about this restaurant.

The ambience and view of the restaurant was very good though. Look out of the glass windows and you will see the beautiful night view at Marina Bay.

The set menu costs $108 per pax before tax, and before the one-for-one. Overall, the food was ok, and I would say it is value for money if I pay around $60 for a 7-course meal. I will definitely not pay for it if there were no offer. $108++ will not be worthwhile to spend on such quality. I paid $254.23 for 4 people.

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Magnificent views - good food

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 609

A classy Italian restaurant with everything to offer from panoramic views of the gorgeous Marina Bay area, excellent service and awesome food, hence for me it was a revisit. A table was reserved for us, by the ceiling-to-floor windows as promised, so that we could watch teh night slowly falling into beautiful forms.

Our shared appetizer of Fegato Grasso (SGD$36.00) was served next - a dish consisting of hot and cold foie gras interestingly paired with pear compote, sambuca raisin, balsamic cream and homemade pannetone.

The cold foie gras was rich in a buttery manner, and the flavor of game / innard was very strong when prepared this way, it resembled pate to say the least, with a rather distrinctive "raw" overture to it. I had to pair it with the crispy little pastry beneath it, alongside the tiny fruits used as decor, in order to mask the strong odor. Maybe we were just not used to it.

Both of us agreed that the hot foie gras was a lot better - tender, even in its slightly jellyish state, and tasty with smokey hints that complemented the natural flavor of this dish.

For the mains, the SIL took, at my recommendation, the Tortellini ai Cinque Formaggi (SGD$36.00) - 5 cheese tortellini with saffron cream sauce, kurobuta pork cheek, beetroot ouree and summer truffle. As usual, this sandy-textured pasta never failed to disappoint - smooth and rich in flavor. The pieces of tender black pork cheek enhanced the saltish flavor of the tiny little dumpling-shaped tortellini.

I had the Merluzzo (SGD$42.00) - pan fried fillet of cod fish wrapped in parma proscuitto, baby cuttlefish in black ink, white polenta and zucchini flower. The cod was cod and springy in its juiciness; I thought the fine layer of prosciutto around it was rather interesting pairing with its texture and flavors play. The baby squids were a surprise - chewy but soft, and resplendent of the smoky black ink's taste.

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