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Frunatic brings out fresh and healthy kind of foods for Singaporean. 

Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 21:00

Sat & Sun: 10:00 - 22:00

+65 66946616
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Patric Choy

neat concept but overpriced

oohhhh, healthy fruit based menu served fast-food style. we had the gourmet fruit meal "forest" & the wild wow berries juice. the pricey menu can be forgiven seeing how beautiful and comfortable the cafe is; also the idea of nourishing one's body with fresh supplies of anti-oxidants for lunch is definitely a better one as opposed to fast food.

Little Charlene and I love to check out all the best cafes in Singapore!
Signing off, wanderingbeansprout

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01 Mar 2014 • 228 reviews • 8 followers

Unconvincing Fast Fruit

Visit for full post and pics
I thought this would be a vegan restaurant with similar concept like The Living Cafe but the menu is crafted around fruits.  There were more fruits than vegetables in the salads but we prefer savoury salads that are made up of at least 80% vegetables. Nevertheless, we still managed to settle on 2 salads out of the limited options.  Mediterranean , a fibre-rich mix of pomegranate seeds, apples, melons, some unidentified leaves with a sweet ginseng sauce aimed for weight management.The ginseng dressing, which tasted like sour plum and guava purée, were pretty acceptable to me but some may find it odd.  The Asian Fusion boasts to provide the Yin and Yang balance with dragonfruits, black fungus and something which I've heard for the first time--Ya Pear. We had everything from the "Chef's Special/main courses" section since there were only 2 options. The Olive Zucchini Lasagna easily outwitted the Spaghetti Meatballs with Cream Sauce (above pic) because the blend of dried oregano and sun-dried tomato sandwiched between the zuchinni pasta tasted like the real tangy meat filling.However, the cream sauce of the latter dish was totally bland and the spaghetti were raw shredded vegetables instead of real noodles. Better skip the spaghetti. 
The nachos chips ($2.50 for small/ $4.50 for large) with sour cream, tomato concasse and guacamolo are probably the least salted nachos chips in the world but are not addictive enough to tempt one on a second or third helping.  

Every main course comes with a choice of alkaline water and we had hibiscus and lemonade. Those who are used to sugary processed drinks would definitely find this bland but not a bad thing to cut down on sugar intake. The desserts here are all vegan and rely heavily on nuts.For instant, the tart shell of the fruit tart ($4.90), the cinnamon round ($1.50) and even the chocolate raspberry torte have traces of nuts. They are available in petite-sizes and thus a great way to enjoy many flavours in one sitting (price range from $1.80-$2.80).   
Our favourites were those in the cups--Lime avocado ($4.80) and Strawberry cake ($4.80)
  While the Living Cafe is worth a re-visit, Frunatic has not convinced us that fast fruit meals are delicious, though the concept of fast fruits is definitely healthier than fast food.Visit for full post and pics
14 Oct 2013 • 296 reviews • 14 followers

A fast fruit restaurant

There are six fruit entrées to choose from. These are basically innovatively-dressed fruit salad medleys that are packed with flavour. We like the sound of the Mediterranean ($8.90), figs and pomegranate seeds dressed with a nutmeg sauce; these can be washed down with a cold-pressed juice ($6.80) or an essence ($3.90) - a concentrated fruit shot like that of beetroot or burdock root. Read more Hot New Restaurants review here*gid-46300400/photos/#111d0800
29 Sep 2013 • 10 reviews • 7 followers

Not open. A disappointment.

Dragged my bf here to try the food. It is Sunday and they were supposed to be open at 10am. I was here at 10.30am the Closed sign was still up and the staff seem to be working in slow motion behind the counter. Decided to eat at foodcourt instead andbmaybe grab a drink from Frunatic later. We finished and were back at 11.20.  Still closed! Seriously,  such a disappointment in service. 
16 Sep 2013 • 43 reviews • 20 followers

Great concept, but still much room for improvement

For VeganAsh's full review with pictures, click here! Otherwise, read on...

Overall: 3.8/10

Frunatic is a 100% raw vegan “fast fruit restaurant” whose bright and colourful interiors fittingly reflect values I associate with a raw vegan diet – health, vibrancy and bountiful levels of energy. Although there are cafes / restaurants in Singapore where you may find raw food being served (most notably The Living Café [as reviewed here]), Frunatic is unprecedented in being the only one that is 100% raw – so kudos to them for fuelling the raw food and wellness trend in that respect. But that is of course distinct from whether I liked the food, which I’ll get to. First, I can't help but mention how disappointing it was that the food was served in disposable plastic bowls and paper takeaway boxes along with disposable plastic utensils, even though we were dining in. The waitress was profusely apologetic when I asked if they had non-disposable bowls and utensils (apparently not, because they’re running a fast food concept…). Management ought to look into that. Soups Cream of Mushroom

The only dish I really enjoyed at Frunatic was the creamy yet light Cream of Mushroom, rich with the earthy flavour of mushroom and topped with dehydrated, chewy white button mushrooms. Served cold. ($5.90) Spinach Wheatgrass Chowder

The Spinach Wheatgrass Chowder was a misnomer. The very thin, watery liquid was more accurately described as a juice. The addition of a sweetener (what I suspect to be agave) made the juice slightly sweet and hence much more palatable than your usual spinach wheatgrass juice. But in contrast to the light and refreshing juice, the chopped walnuts topping was too heavy and seemed out of place. Also served cold. ($5.90) Mains Spaghetti Meatball The spaghetti meatball came with the choice of 3 sauces – pomodoro and olive, cream and mushroom, and pesto. We decided on pesto (upon the staff’s recommendation) and pomodoro and olive to dress the thin yellow zucchini noodles. Both the pesto and pomodoro sauces were too watery and rather bland, and the pomodoro sauce in particular had the sour undertone of unripe tomatoes. The zucchini noodles were topped with chopped tomatoes and the delightful dehydrated, chewy white mushrooms. The soft, dense and nutty vegan “meatballs” on the side were more like sweet, slightly fruity dessert balls rather than savoury “meatballs”. As such, their bed of sour cream made for a terrible accompaniment. (“new launch promotion” price of $9.90 includes choice of alkaline infused water, usual price $13.90) Olive Zucchini Lasagne There were only two mains to choose from, both of which had suspiciously similar ingredients, rendering whatever choice we might have had for mains illusory. The lasagne was made with ..........

For VeganAsh's full review with pictures, click here!
08 Jul 2013 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

rude rude rude

After my dinner with my family, we decided to go frunatic for some juice. We walked in with some take away bread in plastic bags and was greeted rudely by the manager:" no outside food allowed ah" while shaking his hands in front of us (like literally in front of us). This really put down my mood. I mean its alright to assume that we may actually consume our take away bread in the shop but he could have said it way more tactfully and courteously. Drinks are so-so but definitely over priced. Food are interesting but it was put in take away boxes even for dine-in... Think twice.
The management of Frunatic responded to this review:
22 Aug 2013
Dear Mr Marc,

I am writing in respond to your post of 8 July 2013, in which you described your frustrations in dealing with one of our employees.

I apologize for the treatment you received and want to assure you that it does not reflect the quality of service we strive to maintain. I have spoken with the employee and am confident this will not occur again.

Please accept my deep and sincere apologies. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing a good relationship with all of our customers.

In addition, we will like to extend a $20 dollar meal voucher to you and your family for your next visit to Frunatic.

Kindly reply an email to myself ( with your mailing address for us to mail out the voucher to you.

Thank you and have a great day ahead!


Leslie Ong
Frunatic Operations Manager