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Located on Geylang Road, this stall specialises in claypot rice cook partway using gas then finished on a charcoal stove.

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Claypot rice
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I lurvvve u and i will b back for u... my tofu beauty!

Food/Drink 4 | Value N/A | Ambience N/A | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 267

I lurveeeeeee Geylang.... Unpretentious fantastic makans at affordable prices in unpretentious simple settings.. What more can anyone ask more? A great place for zi char n claypot rice is this lorong 33 geylang claypot rice that serves up a delicious meal..

A tip is to call and order their signature claypot rice appx 30 mins b4 arrival.. That's the norm so go ahead and do it.. The claypot is interesting in their style of presentation though.. Instead of leaving u to your own devices..the server actually prepare it for u! First he would remove the salted fish n set it aside, proceeded to pour in a couple of rounds of the black sauce n mix vigorously.. n then he would remove all e ingredients of chickens n waxed meat n set it aside... n then went on a second round of black sauce pouring into the remaining rice n he's done.. now now.. i'm not really used to eating my claypot rice with ingredients n rice separated but when in rome? do what the romans do!

The rice itself kinda lacked the oomph that i'm used to at Chinatown.. if it's up to me.. i would have been more generous with e black sauce.. but kudos to the rice texture though..every grain is beautifully separated n coated in flavours and to achieve that consistency in claypot rice as oppose to fried rice is quite a feat! The chicken is absolutely succulent n juicy n bursting in flavours! It's really yum! Generous waxed meat for the fans and the salted fish added much kick to the dish... Good clayopt rice although i prefer a more united version where rice n ingredients stay together..

What really took my breath away was the tofu with fresh crab meat! The unassuming dish came looking like any other zi char tofu dish everywhere else.. Golden beancurbs drenched in thick gravy.. but my anticipations were fueled by 2 aunties dilligently picking out fresh crab meat right in front of me! It then hit me that OMG it's really fresh crabmeat!! The beancurb is a beautiful gold on e outside n a tender white on e inside.. the sauce is hauntingly delicious that i couldn't resist juz scooping it up n drinking it by the spoonful! The sweetness of the crabmeat added a really nice flavour to the sauce n boy is the crabmeat fresh n generous! I was in heaven! *floating at this point haha*..

Judging by the beancurb dish.. i'm sold and have my very biased stamp of approval on all the untested zi char dishes.. By word of mouth i had heard tat the zi char rocks n now i'm totally convinced! Would definitely be back to try out the zi char n the elusive soft shell crab which was unfortunately sold out when i was there.. Totally loving the tofu and i'm sooo salivating right now.. Can't wait to be back! n oh.. we don't feel thirsty at all after the meal so i'm guessing the magic's not due to MSG! hooray!

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Old school Claypot Rice in Geylang!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 27

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Well, remember to call in advance to make your order, they will need 30 minutes to prepare their claypot rice! Their claypot rice serving for two is more than enough to feed two people, you can skip ordering their other dishes unless you come in a bigger group.

If you do, their bean curd is supposedly delicious! You can get free parking at the nearby Huang Clan Association - check our blog post for all the details!

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Food was average, Service horrendous

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

i fail to see whats so great about the claypot rice here. granted, the chicken was tender but it was not particularly fragrant nor tasty. other dishes that we ordered - lotus soup and kangkong were alright at best and definitely overpriced ($8 for a meagre plate of kangkong??) and did i mention that the place was swarming with flies?

i do not expect restaurant service at a place like this but i do not expect to be antagonized either. the female waitress (prc) was extremely rude and condescending and is extremely impatient when she the fault is on her for not being able to understand our local accent and i can't even begin to fathom what will happen if we don't speak chinese. most of the time we have to help ourselves to our own chili and stuff so i don't understand why this place hires so many of these 'budget' labor to stand around and not do anything.

came here because my parents have been patrionizing here since they were dating but i guess a relic of the past should have been allowed its own quiet decline.

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