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Goki Day - Authentic korean bbq

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 7

Run by koreans, I think we can all find authentic korean food over here. The spread is not impressive, but the meat here are really awesome and well marinated. Especially love to eat the beef over here.

Service wise to be improved. Ambience negligibe. Also hope for mre drinks options. Now only plain water is free flow. Thought should at least provide iced tea.

For more info, do read up here:

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Most helpful reviews for Goki Day Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant

Lovely Korean food accompanied by friendly staff with great ambience

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

Provided us with a variety of authentic korean food, well marianated and the beef was rather impressive. OH! they have cheap beers too!

All in all, i would highly recommend this place for boys night out, friends, beer lovers, families and couples too. 

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Food Ok but Bad Service

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

Was at the restaurant last night with my family, total 5 pax. Food was O.K but one can easily find similar standard of Korean food elsewhere. Ginseng Porridge is one of the item in the buffet. We had one small bowl shared by 5 pax because the pot is always empty. The restaurant embience is no good. It's stuffy, ventilation is not good enough. Too many tables in the restaurant and the place is congested. Floor is so oily I almost fell a few times. Don't think it is suitable for elderly people. If you are a elderly person or persons with walking difficulties, be forewarned, the place is not 'suitable for you'.
As for the services, the general staff was helpful, going around clearing empty plates and cleaning the grills but I cannot say the same for one person, the woman boss. I think she is the owner of the restaurant, bespectacled, short hair, skinny person. She came to our table once to turn down our grill while we are still eating without even asking if we want her to do that. She simply tell us " turn it on again if you want to cook". She walks off after that. I thought it is a Korean BBQ and are we supposed to turn the grill on and off and on again to have dinner? The next time she came to our table was to simply said "somebody is waiting for this table". We got the hint. We were asked to leave. Never in my lifetime ever patronised a restaurant, whether in Singapore or overseas was asked to leave. This is my first time. We haven't even eaten our dessert yet.
My conclusion is, you can find better authentic Korean BBQ elsewhere with similar if not better standard of food, better embience, better environment, safer place and last if not least, better services. Go to Novena Sq 2 where you can find all these authentic Korean restaurants. Their prices are not expensive too. Oh yes, you can forget about driving to Goki Day. You can get heated up faster than getting the heat from the BBQ grill just by finding a parking space. Last night I parked far away and takes 10 mins to walk to the restaurant.

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Goki Day

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

Have been a fan of Ssikkek, but saw the good review of Goki Day so decided to give it a try. Variety of meat was almost like Ssikkek, they were really fresh. I really liked the marinated pork belly in red. The containers were quite shallow so certain food ran out very fast like the golden mushroom, it ran out after 2 people took it. Cooked food wise, I like none of them except for the soup. There were glass noodle, kimbap, pancakes, ddeokbokki. None of them taste good to me, it's like they were bland and don't serve as good side dishes. As if they were made quickly and without much effort to make sure they taste good. I had their carrot beef soup, my friends and I thought that it was really good. Very thick in taste. Although said to close at 9:30, they didn't refill the watermelon after 9. We were done at about 9, but weren't manage to have any watermelon. For the mineral water, we have to take from the dispenser and the cups were very small. So we had to make quite a number of trips to the dispenser for water. Prefer Ssikkek's style of having the whole bottle for customers. Service was good, they frequently clean the grill pit. You won't really need their service anyway since it's a buffer self-service style, except for the grill cleaning part. I live at the West, purposely went down to Sengkang for Goki Day. Given the price and food, I will prefer to go to Ssikkek since it'll be nearer to me because Goki Day and Ssikkek are on par and that Ssikkek is tad cheaper. Hope they will improve on the cooked food.

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Best Korean BBQ for its price

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 20

(visit for the pictures and other food reviews)

Honestly, who wouldn't like a good buffet with a reasonable price tag? Such buffets actually do exist and the tricky part is to actually find them. Goki Day is one such place hidden away in Serangoon.

My first korean bbq experience was at 2D1N and boy for the price of $20+ that sure is one hell of a good buffet. But of course, nothing beats the original in Korea. So when I came back to Singapore, I pretty much had withdrawal symptoms. Of course, there are tons of delicious buffets with a hefty price tag.  But having paid nothing more than SGD20 for bbq in Korea itself, I was reluctant to spend much more than that.

2D1N, if you haven't eaten, is really good. But Goki Day beats it hands down.

Sure, there range at 2D1N is slightly larger BUT, Goki Day wins because of its marinated meat. Gosh the beef bulgogi was sweet and the meat was extremely juicy. You can even smell the aroma while they're cooking on the stove. They're pretty much bite-size pieces of heaven.

And the pork belly was marinated perfectly too. They have I think 2 different marinates for the pork belly-- one's herb and the other one, well I have no idea what the other one is, but it's orangey and it's more savory. I think it's some sort of  kimchi paste marinate. I prefer that because it has more flavour, the herb one is a bit bland.

Oh and in Korea, they apparently do serve onions in sweet sauce as a 'main' dish to go with your bbq meat. Goki Day has the same kind of onion and sweet sauce (placed separately though, but next to each other) and you can just combine them anyway you want. I prefer the onions with more sauce.

I have to say, Goki Day will probably be my favourite korean bbq place for now because it's authentic as you can get to the ones in Korea. The price of $24.90++  is extremely reasonable given the quality of meat! And of course, the place is run by Koreans, and always full so do make a reservation before heading down!

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