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chye poh omelette3 votes
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Esther Xie
 • 19 Oct 2013 51 reviews 0 follower
One of the best Porridge places I've eaten at. 

More photos of the dishes I tried:

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 • 04 Sep 2013 135 reviews 4 followers
Click HERE for full review and photos!

Goldleaf New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant is one such example of a culinary landmark- rich in history and local flavour. The Goldleaf brand, around for the last 40 odd years, first found its beginnings in Oxley Rise. Inspired by its Taiwanese roots with a blend of Singaporean traditional classics, Goldleaf New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant brings the real deal of homely comforting fare to the table.

We started with a bowl of Sweet Potato Porridge each. Simple but especially nostalgic. Best eaten when served hot.

The Soya Bean Stick with Broccoli $12 was cooked just right. Colorful and vibrant with a mishmash of crunchy broccoli flowers, tender soya bean sticks and nutritious black fungus, all tied together with a piquant sticky sauce.

If you love fatty meat slow-cooked till tender, then this Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables $10/$16 is a must order! No doubt that the pork had been simmering in that silky marinate overnight, every bite was meltingly moist and unbelievable good. The best part had to be how the saltiness of the preserved vegetables had cut through the caramelized sweetness of the meat for a harmonious match.

I enjoy eating prawns without having to get my hands dirty and the Black Pepper Prawns and Stir Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk $16/$36 allowed me to do just that. Succulent, fresh and sweet, the meat of the prawns complimented both the black pepper sauce and salted egg yolk paste quite beautifully.

Ending off with some desserts- the Yam Paste $4, Herbal Jelly $3 and Red/Green Tea Jellies $4 were light and not overwhelmingly sweet. All made homemade, we really enjoyed the velvety smooth textures of the jellies and paste. My vote goes to the Red Tea Jelly for its fragrant tea infusion.

Overall, Goldleaf New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant is an affordable option for large group gatherings and especially family reunions where both the young and old will definitely find dishes suited to their palate.
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 • 03 Sep 2013 1 review 0 follower
Goldleaf Taiwan Restaurant (New Taiwan Restaurant) has a rich history in the food industry and they are in the midst of a renewing their menu and approach to cater to a wider palate.

We were hosted by Karen and you can feel the enthusiasm permeates through the staff. Karen was telling us that they are in the midst of engaging on the social media platform and is also in the midst of experimenting with wine pairing for their food. (more in the post.)

Fresh cockles with special sauce


For someone who doesn't really eat cockles, this dish was surprisingly addictive! Dipped in the home-made special sauce, it is an explosion of flavours in the mouth. The cockles tasted absolutely fresh and you don't even have to shell them yourself! (8/10)

Chye Poh Omelette


This has to be the fluffiest chai por omelette that we ever tasted. Incredibly light and (surprisingly) not oily, it is balanced in egginess and the salt level. We love it so much that we can eat one plate of this on our own! (10/10)

Er-Chye (Taiwan Lettuce)


Light and really, tasted like normal lettuce at first. But the surprise comes later. There is this sweet tender after taste that we just couldn't put a finger to. Well, we need the greens, might as well make it a special one! (7/10)

 And of course, they serve sweet potato porridge.

Beancurd Bowl

 They serve this home-made beancurd bowl with several options of meat. Never mind the meat, the homemade beancurd was outstanding. Soft and very tasty on the inside and the chefs did an excellent job with the crisp. Absolutely delightful. (8/10)

Three Cup Chicken 

 Or better known as san-bei ji. This is a classic Taiwanese dish. Although the chicken was cooked perfect, tender and full of flavours, the basil was slightly too overpowering for us. It will be interesting to taste the tofu version of this dish. (6/10)

Prawns (Mongolian and Salted Egg)

The servings were generous but we were not wow-ed by the taste. The Mongolian version tasted very much like black pepper and the salted egg version did not have the heart stopping taste that you would have got from other oriental restaurant. The plump and fresh prawns did save the dish though. (6/10)

Braised Pork Belly

 If you were on a calorie count, this will be your cheat dish. Absolutely gorgeously braised and this is the one dish that really melts in your mouth. Do not recall having this standard since my trip to Yunnan 15 years back. This is the real deal. It would had been perfect if the salt level was brought down by a notch or two. (9.5/10)

Cod Fish with Special Sauce

 It is true that you can't do much wrong with cod fish. But to do it like what Goldleaf has done, it is not easy either. This fish was pan-fried to perfection with the outside nice and crispy and the inside still moist and the natural fish fat intact. A delight with the special sauce! (8.5/10)

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I spent $30 per person.

Must tries: chye poh omelette

I also recommend this place for:
After Work

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