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Good Chance Popiah Eating House

Located at Silat Ave, Good Chance specializes in serving wide variety of po piah.

Tue - Sun: 11:00 - 14:30

Tue - Sun: 18:00 - 21:30

Closed: Mon

$20 based on 18 submissions
Children/Family (5 votes), Dinner (5 votes), Lunch (4 votes)

D-I-Y Popiah Lunch @ Good Chance (好彩) Popiah on 25Jul2014

See my full reviews & photos at =好彩-popiah-on-25jul2014/

a friend bought 7pax lunch at good chance (好彩) popiah on 25.7.2014. :-) good chance started operations in 1977 and is now managed by its 3rd generation. according to a server they moved to the silat avenue premises about 8 years ago? the friend who bought lunch said they only accept reservations of 6pax minimum. strange rule? but i not complaining since i got invited as the lucky 5th of 6th person…haha. lol. :-the d-i-y popiah dish was served in multiples of 6 (i.e. 6, 12, 18). anyhow most reviewers including soshiok mentioned that the fillings were more than enough & one should just add the skin, which was what we did. in the end i took 3 helpings.  the fillings were the usual ban kwang (turnips) and carrots, the ingredients/condiments included the usual garlic soil, chilli, lettuce, tao gay (bean sprouts), shredded omelette, chopped peanuts, sweet sauce. skin was thin & quite good, the fillings were just average & i though somewhat not as tasty as usual popiahs i had, which was like very rarely. several of us were missing the prawns & lap cheong. for me i also missed the hae kor (prawn paste) which we used to have when my wife or her friends had popiah parties when my children were very small. most of my friends though did not have hae kor for their popiahs. there was some techniques in folding the popiah as some friends tried to educate me. that reminded me in the early years i could actually fold a thinner long popiah & actually cut them into 5 pieces etc as some hawker stalls served them. now though it mattered not as i was eating the whole piece..haha.  the yam fish head soup was pretty good, though it would not really compare with having a yam fish head steamboat, and a glance at the prices suggested it was not cheaper either. most commented that the hae chor ingredients were too smooth & not chunky enough. one friend said the hae chor at lee do was much better. not that i remember much, but hae chor at lee do, yuan xing, chui huay lim, lee kui (ah hoi) etc all tasted about same to me. i do agree these ones here seemed not as tasty. also they looked quite different from the nice hae chor at chui huay lim and yuan xing (appetiser platter).  the kong ba pao was i guess also competent. the braised yam was a good addition to the belly pork. otherwise the dish did not taste any special to me. my memory of westlake kongbabao (which i had not been for maybe 15years) seem better than this, and the ones a friend packet for me some months ago were certainly better.  i think my own braised belly pork or the ones at kuay chap stalls would also be tastier & better textured than this. overall, it was a usual zi char place with an aircon environment. the prices also looked like usual zi char places. i supposed the d-i-y popiah was a welcome variation & added attraction for the place.

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  • fried mee suah3 votes
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25 Jul 2014 • 214 reviews • 1 follower

D-I-Y Popiah Lunch @ Good Chance (好彩) Popiah on 25Jul2014

See my full reviews & photos at =好彩-popiah-on-25jul2014/

a friend bought 7pax lunch at good chance (好彩) popiah on 25.7.2014. :-) good chance started operations in 1977 and is now managed by its 3rd generation. according to a
07 Mar 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

simple restaurant but Food is Nice!

The outlook/setting of the restaurant is not nice since it is in a HDB area but the food is definitely nice!

DIY Popiah definitely tastes much better than anywhere..I tried the Yam Fish head soup & the sambal prawns as well. Both dishes were fresh and taste yummy. Will still bring my parents to
19 Feb 2014 • 218 reviews • 8 followers

Classics Done Well

Visit for full post and pics
This Hokkien restaurant has been around for more than 30 years and one of the famous dish that appears on every single table is the Popiah. What could be more fun that making our own popiah
12 May 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Stingy with popiah garnishings

Tried good luck for the first time. Although the peng cai is a notch better than those from hawkers, but it did not impress. What was disappointing was how the polish garnishings came in pathetic, tiny and hence miserable portions. They provided with maybe 20 shreds of 2inches long shredded egg i
06 Jun 2011 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

when i crave for popiah..

i usually patronise this place when i crave for popiah as the taste is more 'homely'. the fried mee-suah is tasty and the yam fish head soup is good! they serve 'ginger tea' as well and most restaurants don't. lately they have this item 'sambal fried fish' and it costs $20++ but the sambal taste i