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A Damn Good Fish Head Steamboat

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 349

I was introduced to this place by my God Brother. Typical of him when he find someplace good, he will tell the whole world about it and drag you there to try it. When we ask him where, he said ulu ulu (secluded) place. True to his word, this place indeed very secluded, but not to all the truck and lorry divers that park their vehicles in Tampines area knows about this place.

Firstly, I have been to this place for lunch and dinner for three times before I decided to write this review. With each visit, I've experienced the good and the not so good about this place. Lets start with the good, the best dish in this place by far is the Traditional Charcoal Fish Head Steamboat. If you don't like fish head, just order the Fish Steamboat lah, easy what. The soup is solid, full of flavor with milky white color. The fish slices are generous with other vegetables and taro. Confirm,guarantee and chop that the soup base has gone through long hours of cooking. For your info, to date, I never feel the MSG attack after drinking bowls and bowls of their soup. It taste even better if you have this dish during rainy season. The rain somehow, enhance the taste of the soup.

Their Beancurd with Golden Mushroom is nicely done. Basically its a fried square egg tofu topped with golden mushroom gravy with dried scallops. You will find this dish have a very unique and delicious salty taste, as it came from the dried scallops. I actually finished half a bowl of my rice on this dish alone.

For vegs, we tried Sambal French Bean. Here is a little hint, if you all don't mind a bit of cholesterol that come with the heavenly taste, ask them to fried the Sambal French Bean with the pork lard. We accidentally find this dish when we order the Sambal Potato leaves, but that day they run out of potato leaves so they replace ours with French Bean. My wife fell in love with this dish. The crunchiness of the French bean and Lar Pok get my wife two thumbs up.

However, here come the not so good about this place. We find that their deep fried food, such as their Mongolian Pork Ribs and their Ginger Chicken are not up to standard. Although these dishes suppose to be their Chef's Recommendation, I find these dishes coated with too much flour. So you end up eating the flour instead of the meat. We also find the cooking can be inconsistent from time to time. So far, we find that the food in the afternoon taste nicer than at night. I can't tell you the reason, but I recommend you come in the afternoon.

The service are so so, however for a coffee shop to have a baby chair for my niece to park her butt, it's a plus point for service. Atmosphere wise, it is non air-conditioned coffee shop, behind a big temple in Old Tampines Road. Surrounded by bushes, trucks and lorries and of course foodies like us. Flies, lizards or other insects are part of the natural environment when you are eating here. :) Overall, this place serve delicious, good value for money food (if you know what to order). On average we spend around $12 / person.

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The management of Good Year Seafood Village (Tampines Avenue) responded to this review:
19 Feb 2010
Dear Garfield, thank you for your comments. We find them fair and balanced and are glad that you enjoy the fishhead steamboat and other dishes.

We agree that out fried food tends to have too much flour and would like to take the opportunity to say that we are currently in the midst of improving our dishes. We are tweaking some of our recipes but are held back by costs constraints. Our aim is to cook restaurant quality food at a fraction of their prices.

Thus we have concluded that we may have to raise our prices just a little in order to get better ingredients and improve our dishes. Upon survey, we realised that customers do not mind paying a little more for better quality and taste. Any opinions here will be taken seriously and we invite you to tell us what you think.

About our food being better in the afternoons, we believe that you may have arrived at a time where our 2nd chef was on mc and therefore did not get to enjoy the usual standard of our food. We invite you to come back and try us one evening and have a chat with us because we love feedback! We'll throw in a complimentary Chilli Crab which is one of our recommended dishes.

About the "wildlife" hanging around, we have to say, it comes with the tropical jungle environment we are in. Still, we'll do our best to get rid of the unwanted insects.

So, please email us at [email protected] and let us know when you wanna come.. Thank you!

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Hearty meal

Total Review: 1

Portion is big and service is fast. Price is also very reasonable. I enjoyed the Assam fish, cereal tofu and bailing mushroom on spinach. The staff recommended their new Dish, chicken wrapped in cabbage, it was rather bland. Pork knuckle looked really dark, but taste was ok. Overall, good value for money. Will be back again!

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A little inconvenient but one of the best seafood places

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 39

A lucky chance upon this restaurant which also make us go back again coz we just can't get enough. For full review, please visit: 

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Goodyear Seafood Village – Tasty Food at Secluded Tampines Ave

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 349

For the complete Chubby Botak Koala experience and photos, click here:

Goodyear Seafood Village is located in Tampines Avenue, just off Tampines Link nearby the temple. Although this place is slightly secluded, don't be surprised when you see a full car park especially during dinner time. 

The current Goodyear Seafood has two sections. There is a section which is air-conditioned which filled up quite fast, and the coffeeshop / outdoor. This review is based on our two recent visits to this establishment.


Assam Fish Head ($25). One of the Chef's recommendation dish. The fish head is fresh and done properly. The Assam gravy which was thick, tangy, slightly spicy and sweet really opens up your appetite and really goes well with the white rice.


Bak Kut Teh – Pontian Style ($11) & Kidney and Liver for BKT ($5). One of the recent addition to this restaurant. The BKT is has a stronger herbal flavour compare to the Teochew BKT version, however the herbs not as strong as Klang BKT. The soup is very comforting, while the meat is tender and huge. Little Devil and I actually like the extra care in the way they serve the liver and kidney. To ensure that it is not over cook after they blanched it to the right doneness, they serve the soup separately. So when you eat the liver and kidney, you will get the right texture.


Salted Egg Fish skin ($15). What else can you ask for? Crispy fish skin with the saltiness of salted egg. This dish basically just speak for itself. Cereal Beancurd ($16). The egg beancurd is fried properly and the soft texture of the cereal is just so inviting to accompany the rice or other dishes. The price of the beancurd is slightly overpriced though.


For the vegetables, we tried Bean Sprout with Salted Fish ($10) & French Bean ($7). The bean sprout is quite oily but has a good “wok hei”. The French Bean is fresh and crunchy, topped with mince dried prawns. Simple yet delicious.


During our first visit, the service staff recommended German Roast Pork Knuckle ($22). This dish is actually quite disappointing. The skin is not fried evenly as some of the skin is chewy instead of crispy. The sauce and the pork knuckle seems does not goes well with each other. Although the staff is very proud of their pork knuckle, I personally would not order it again.


Service in this establishment is very minimum, typical Ci Zhar place. So do keep your expectation of the service in check. At least there is no Service Charge popping up in your bill.


Overall, Goodyear Seafood Village is a Zi Char establishment. They have some nice dishes on their Chef's Recommendation section and the BKT is definitely a must try. Price is very reasonable and the best part is they do not charge GST and Service Tax. For weekend dinner, just make sure you make reservation if you want the seat in air conditioned section. Cheers!!

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Great assam sauce and comforting bak kut teh

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 40

 This place is a bit out of the way but well worth the trip. The assam fishhead was the best I've ever had, with a fresh tasting, perfectly balanced sauce. Next time we will order a whole fish head, though the half has several forkfuls of meat for everyone in a table of four. The herbal bak kut teh was also very good with big pieces of meat and a deep, rich broth. The chilli crab was nice and fresh but the sauce was a bit too ketchup-y for my taste. We rounded out the meal with Four Treasures - tofus, veggies and seafood - which was okay but not a standout. Our other veggie dish, sambal kankong, never arrived despite four or five reminders to the servers as they were speeding by. All this plus a beer and lime juice for four worked out to a very reasonable $85.

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Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

Went to the place for a few times and everytime there will be new dishes, though I will always order the asam fish head. Just went there last week and found out that they took over the shop beside the old place and converted it into an eatery too. They are selling bakut teh and stewed pork knuckles.

The new place is also refurbished into a air-conditioned shop and it was another new experience for me. While waiting for my pre-ordered food, i ordered a bowl of bakut teh and to my surprise it was pretty awesome as they are using the Malaysian Herbs soup base instead of the commonly seen pepper soup base.

For those who are going to try the food there, the asam fish head is a must try!

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