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Big on Small Set Lunch and Festive Set Lunch Review

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 189

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Check out my blog post as there is a word limit on hungrygowhere. ARGHS!

Last Christmas, W M and I celebrated with a fine dining festive set lunch at Gordon Grill located in the iconic Goodwood Park hotel. At the bottom of this post, I’ll  be sharing the prices and menu for Christmas 2013, which is similar to the dishes served in 2012.

Opened in 1963, Gordon Grill has established a reputation for serving excellent steaks and great service. The décor is simple, yet classy with perfectly ironed crisp white table linens and warm lighting. Service is formal; well-mannered staff dressed smartly provide butler-style service, catering to each diner’s discerning needs with personalized attention.

The food was splendid, hearty and comforting. I could not fault anything!

Warm bread basket plain bread rolls, foccacia and rye bread.

Hokkaido scallops with Jamon Iberico, green asparagus and Black Truffle jus. The scallops were thick and juicy while the cured ham has a unique taste, partly created by the aroma of sweet acorns that the pigs feed on. For the uninitiated, Jamon Iberico is produced mostly in Spain, from black Iberian pigs that graze under Encina oak trees. The sweet acorns give the pigs’ fat a rich, cream, melt-in-your-mouth texture. The meat undergoes salt curing and 3 years of aging, giving rise to a taste which lingers in the mouth, just like fine wine.

Duo of Duck Foie Gras: roasted and parfait, with caramelized Granny Smith and Raspberry ice. I am not a fan of foie gras so I didn’t try this. W loved it very much though.

Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Sakura ebi, King Crab and White Truffle Vinaigrette. Pasta infused with truffle oil is always a winner! Topped with succulent crab meat, caviar and crunchy sakura ebi, this appetizer is delicacy!

Jerusalem artichoke soup with smoked duck and peppery-honey croutons was smooth and possess sweet and nutty flavor.

Mushroom consommé with egg confit and winter vegetables. You have to mix it well before eating this; the egg tones down the intense flavor of the rich broth.

Australia Lamb Chops with stewed cocoa beans and Black Olive Jus. Meat was cooked perfectly medium rare and didn’t have a gamy taste.

US Black Angus beef filet with braised cheek in Bordelaise sauce and Yukon mash. Steak was juicy, well-seasoned and full-flavored while the mash potatoes was addictive, so we were glad that the portion was generous. This was M’s main, but W and I kept helping ourselves to her mash potatoes, haha! Yukon Gold potatoes have rich buttery flavor and a moist creamy texture, which makes exceptionally good mash potatoes.


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Great concept for the lunch set

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 148

See the full review with pictures here:   How the lunch menu here works is this: for each section of the menu, you essentially order a sampler platter. Like for the soup section, you get to choose 3 cups of soup of different flavours, and in the appetizer section, you get to choose 3 different appetizers. All of them are small, so you get to try nearly everything without being too full. The entree section comes singly of course.   The chilled angel hair pasta with caviar is amazing, but requires good sourcing of course so not really quite replicable in the home kitchen. I got the poached langoustine which comes with a sweet citrusy dressing. Very delicate textured and always makes me feel like I should have chosen 3 langoustines haha. The seared hokkaido scallop draped with pancetta is amazing.    For the soup samplers, I had the mushroom cappuccino soup which is really thick and smooth (not quite the grainy sort) with slivers of truffle in it. The French onion soup is good although I think they could have put a little more cheese on the baguette floating on top. The lobster bisque has a strong sherry flavour. I liked this but would have preferred it with more cream (i.e. american style, not the singaporean 'hay mee' style lobster bisque)   SL had the quail confit with foie gras which she liked a lot, but said there was too much foie gras haha! They served the quail with two slices of foie gras, and by 'slices' I really mean 'slabs'. Is there such a thing as too much foie gras? Apparently there is, and you can achieve that happy nirvana at Gordon Grill.   I had the steak. Well done (pooh to all you puritans out there, I like my steak brown.) It was still juicy, but of course not as much as if they had served it rare. I liked it a lot! Especially the potato puree and caramelized carrots/parsnips it came with.   The one dessert I liked out of everything was the "profiterole" with kahlua ice cream - doesn't look like a profiterole in any way but so good. It turns out the chocolatiest dessert wins again! Kahlua ice cream is amazing, and you can get it from the daily scoop. It's so much more complex than regular coffee ice cream once you put that alcohol in it. You can also sort of approximate it by adding kahlua to vanilla affogato style.   Clearly if one wants to go for the Gordon Grill lunch one should arrive with an empty stomach!

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Romantic Proposal

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 28

It was my husband's birthday when I took him to Gordon Grill. Little did I know that we both had a little surprise for each other - me, a little cake from Gordon Grill to celebrate his birthday, and him, a proposal.

The service was good from the moment you enter. I was carrying a handbag and there was nowhere to place it. So, the wait staff brought me a nice tiny chair-looking end table to put my handbag. They were attentive and absolutely meticulous in taking care of our needs.

We selected set dinners and had a good time dining on the food. My favourite among all that we tried are the duck foie gras - my goodness, it melted in our mouths, my cod that was so tender and smooth... The gourmet experience was beyond description when you have the best time with your fiance over dinner.

I decided to go to the washroom after dessert. When I returned, he proposed to me, leaving me in tears. When the cake arrived, we hardly paid attention to it. In fact, the wait staff kindly brought me serviettes and we asked for take-away for the cake.

Even today, a year after the incident, we go back, sometimes just for a drink at the Highland Bar, the wait staff remember us.

Thanks for helping my fiance with a romantic proposal.

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Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 9

Gordon's grill is an institution and is a must visit for everyone who lives in Singapore

Menu: Nothing spectular, the menu was a little uninspired. Perfect Steaks but nothing else to shout about

Ambiance: Great, refined and not obtrusive

Service: Elegant and fast

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Delicious food and prompt service

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 3

Amazing! This is what I would summarize my very first brunch at Gordon Grill. I felt very welcome the moment I stepped in. The restaurant manager took the effort to explain the menu and offerrf recommendations. Not many restaurant managers took the effort to do so.

I had Hokkaido scallops with mushrooms, Iberico Jabugo and morel jus. The sear was good and perfectly cooked. It was transparent in the middle, giving a very good texture and maintaining the natural sweetness of the scallops. The flavourful iberico ham just works so well with the scallops. The mushroom and morel jus addrf a woody taste to the already delicious dish, what a perfect way excite your palate.

The 2nd dish was Lobster bisque scented with Napoleon brandy. The texture of the soup is very well executed in my opinion, neither too thick nor thin. The natural flavour of the lobster just makes you wanting for more and more. It comes with lobster bits to add some crunch to the smoothness of the soup.

3rd dish is Mixed grill of lamb chop, pork, jumbo quail and country bacon. Nothing phenomenal about the pork, bacon and quail. But the lamb chop is cooked perfectly to my request, medium rare. Brown on the outside, pink on the inside and well seasoned. I wish i could exchange the rest for another lamb chop.

I ended with Gordon Grill signature dessert, Sherry trifle. The taste was well balanced and texture was good with the well use of bread and nuts. There was another sweet item on the top which added some sweetness that paired well with the sherry.

The quantity was good, quality was better obviously. I am looking forward to the next visit. The beef main course looks too good to be missed. Enjoy guys.

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Dinner degustation with great service:)

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

Went for the dinner degustation cos it was boyfriend's birthday :) service was prompt, polite and non-intrusive :)
lovedthe dishes that came. Each dish was carefully thought out and blended well when eaten together :) felt that it was a feast to my eyes and my tongue. 
Truffle pasta with crab and roe served as a great starter to our meal:) I also loved how the salmon was done.
slow cooked egg with onions was a little too strong and salty for the tongue though. 
overall an enjoyable time for both of us.
staff was thoughtful to accede to emailed request of having a birthday message on the desserts for boyfriend and even wished him happy birthday. 

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