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Grand Mandarina Restaurant


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Grand Mandarina presents an elaborate and sophisticated dining experience in a premier and private environment. With many years of experience in Chinese culinary art, our chefs infuse local contemporary innovation into rich Chinese flavours, breathing new life into traditional cuisine.
Our signature dish is The Empurau Fish (忘不了), it is a sight to behold and a treat for the tastebuds.
Brightly colored scales adorn this majestic looking fish with barbels at the tip of its mouth. Long regarded as a talisman by the natives of Indonesia, many believe the Empurau, also known as the King of the River, brings special blessings and good fortune to those who are lucky enough to touch it.
At the table, the wild Empurau tantalizes with edible scales and delicate flavors of wild fruit. Reserved for the most special of occasions, Grand Mandarina is proud to deliver this exquisite delicacy to our exclusive clientele.

Daily: 11:30 - 14:30

Daily: 18:30 - 22:00

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Business Dining (10 votes), Anniversary (8 votes), Birthdays (8 votes)
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A Spectacular Dining Experience

Full Grand Mandarin Restaurant review here:

Located just outside Outram Park MRT Station Exit H, the 1-month old Grand Mandarin Restaurant is already making waves in the Chinese Zi Char fine dining scene for its beautifully presented dishes, professional and discreet service, absolutely tasty food made with fresh premium ingredients, and posh ambience.

I will flat out admit that dining at Grand Mandarin Restaurant is probably the best meal I've had in 2014, and likely among the top / best meals I've ever had in my life!

Ambience at Grand Mandarin Restaurant impresses the minute you step in. High ceilings adorned with elegant, modern chandeliers, flanked by jet black walls with gold trim and glossy surfaces exude sophistication and elegance.

Service at Grand Mandarin Restaurant is impeccable. Staff are well trained and professional, knowledgable when asked about items, and serving and clearing tables rather discreetly.

Overall, the food at Grand Mandarin Restaurant is delicious, presented as a work of art, with portion sizes suitable for one. Fresh, premium quality ingredients are used in the making of each dish.

As befitting the fine dining quality, average prices at Grand Mandarin Restaurant aren't cheap, and their diners tend to be upper-middle class, to the very rich. Budget about SGD $60 - $150 per person for a typical meal, and about SGD $200 - $300 per person for a meal with premium dishes, high-end seafood or fine wine.

I still dream about the Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork Loin (SGD $15) to this day, probably THE best char siew I've ever eaten! A soft, tender, succulent, and savoury piece of pork, with just a thin silver of fat. The exterior is roasted to perfection, not dry at all, without any red dye, just the deep, amber red colour of good roast. Each strip is dipped in honey for a touch of sweetness, then hand-torched, giving it a thin, crisp, candied coating. Out of this world taste, and I highly, highly recommend this!

Loved the presentation of the 3 Cups 'San Bei' Cod Fish With Spring Onion, Chili, And Thai Sweet Basil (SGD $40), so pretty! The actual cod fish itself was fresh, savoury and succulent, enhanced with the flavour of the soft shimeji mushrooms, ginger and spring onion sauce, and Thai sweet basil. Sadly, the pretty red basket made from flour, while adding the perfect aesthetic, is tasteless. Still, I highly recommend this dish for the fish and mushrooms alone!

An off-the-menu dessert, the Chilled Green Apple Jelly Served In Dragon Fruit (SGD $?) was absolutely outstanding, and got top marks from our group. This unique dessert is presented in a hollowed out dragon fruit, with some of the flesh in the middle scooped out to make room for the sweet apple jelly and garnishes of strawberry and blueberry. Scoop along the sides to get some of the dragon fruit, along with the apple jelly in each spoonful! I highly recommend it!

The HGW community like this place for...

  • char siew12 votes
  • Roast pork belly8 votes
  • Stir-Fried Wagyu Beef Cubes with Red Wine and Black Pepper5 votes
  • Wok-fried glass noodles with pork neck5 votes
  • Chilled Green Apple Jelly (w/ Aloe Vera) served in a Dragon Fruit1 vote
  • Chilled pumpkin puree with yam ice cream1 vote
  • Crab1 vote
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13 Feb 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

nice ambience

got a treat from a pal who happened to be a member. As the name suggest, place is indeed Grand in a way. Never wandered as far down from Chinatown. In fact, it is just outside of the northeast line plying route of Outram Park MRT. If my memory serves me right, it was previously a normal coffeeshop eatery. Food was nice and filling. Service staff were attentive though it got more rowdy with more kids coming in with their families. Overall it had quite a family feel to it with 3 generations sitting across a table. I tried the chilled pumpkin puree with yam ice cream for dessert. It was well presented and taste good.
tabs were on my friend. Their membership was unique, though entry seemed a bit high. Worth a try for your family get togethers.

05 Feb 2015 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

too good to be missed

happen to walk pass its grand entrance numerous times but never took the step in until one fine day.
 first, do not get intimidated by the rich decor, I initially thought their dimsum promotion was too good to be true... it turned out it was too good to be missed!
 Their pricings were on the level of other fine dining restaurants but their food portions were generous.
 That famed char siew was a tad too sweet but im not complaining.
 Also a first for me to know about the empurau fish through the projector screen feed, they even have a little cute one in their mini aquarium. price was really "unforgettable", i'll probably come back to try it when it's on offer.
 Service was ok, but it can be better.
 Was told they have a 2nd level where functions can be held. something worth exploring next time.
 overall, it was cosy enough for my family.
04 Feb 2015 • 80 reviews • 0 follower

One of my favourite Chinese restaurants

Everything here is great. Good variety of food, cooked to yummy heaven, great and prompt service and cozy environment/ambiance. Great for special functions such as family gatherings, birthdays, etc. Highly recommended!