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Grand Pavilion Restaurant

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Grand Pavilion Restaurant is a Cantonese cuisine restaurant serving a variety of homemade dim sum, for lunch only and a la carte items for both lunch and dinner. They have good value for money set menus for groups and you get to savour some of the chef's signature dishes.

Daily: 12:00 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

$44 based on 6 submissions
Wenjun Hu

Good for dating

I went there last weekend with my friend. Very good view, see MBS and Fullerton hotel right in front.
 Food is nice, can be better though.
 Staff are very friendly and helpful.
 Ambience is very good, classic decor and warm lighting.
 A bit pricy, but worth the money.

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08 Dec 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Good for dating

I went there last weekend with my friend. Very good view, see MBS and Fullerton hotel right in front.
 Food is nice, can be better though.
 Staff are very friendly and helpful.
 Ambience is very good, classic decor and warm lighting.
 A bit pricy, but worth the money.
08 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

need to improve

The services are slow and we need to wait for 30min in between 1st and 2nd dish. The coffee pork ribs are tough and the seafood noodles is bland. Luckily we ordered Crispy duck to save the day.
23 Jul 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Good dim sum, value for money

Read the reviews on the restaurant before going and was a little apprehensive. But the meal turned out really decent. Had dim sum lunch and thumbs up for these items - the siew mai had fresh, succulent prawns; both the century egg and fish porridge were smooth, tasty, with great consistency (unlike others tend to be too watery) and full of ingredients; xiao long bao, although real bite size, was juicy and the amount of soup in each bao was a lovely surprise; charcoal roasted pork fried in black sauce - the skin was a perfect crisp and meat was not tough, plus the sauce, it was delightfully yummy! texture of the pan fried carrot cake was really fine and could see radish shreds in them.

Service staff were attentive and prompt in response. The ambience was good. Overall the prices were reasonable. For 7 dim sum items, 1 plate of fried HK kai lan and a dish of Charcoal Roasted Pork, and the usual pickle, tea, etc, the bill totalled to $85.

For dim sum lunch, it's worth it!
13 Jul 2014 • 10 reviews • 0 follower

Insipid waste of a good space

Visited for lunch - A weird tense vibe in the restaurant.  Somewhat rundown and sad looking interiors.  With a view partially overlooking the bay, the ambience here still manages to feel more like a morgue. 

first up, mandatory pickles.  A small, cold saucer of fried beancurd, which we will soon be charged $3++ for.  Insipid, salty and nothing else.  No refills btw.

Next up, fried baby squid.  Overly sweet, but edible.  The problem was the portion size.  16 dollars for a portion the size of a small child's fist.  Hey, this ain't no tapas restaurant.  What a ripoff

Mains - Braised beancurd and vegetables  - totally tasteless vegetables with tasteless beancurd in an equally tasteless (you get the idea)  starchy yellowish liquid

Braised venison -  tasty with a very small portion size for $22, but way too oily, had to avoid the bottom 25% which was simmering in fat

Chicken cubes with beancurd and salted fish - An absolute disaster.  Half of it was soaked in clear oil - rendering 50% inedible.  10% chicken, 90% beancurd.  The chef should work in a top end sashimi place - high level knife skills are surely essential for someone to be able to cut chicken into such tiny pieces.  Again, a tiny, tiny portion for $18.

As mentioned, a measly plate of "pickles" and 2 small half-bowls of rice for $3+$3 plus GST and typical brusque chinese restaurant service.

Bad food, bad value, bad vibe, but the most stinging was the modus operandi - serve the smallest portion for the highest price possible and rip off unsuspecting tourists and punters, all the while pushing your overpriced roasts and seafood.

Such a sorry waste of a good spot.  Run, don't walk, from this restaurant.

05 Jul 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Poor Attitude

I never got to try it. Earlier this evening, my companion and I were wandering around Esplanade for somewhere comfortable for dinner. We had camera gear and a little untidy as we were caught in the shower outside.

I then asked the man with a jacket, not tie and unbuttoned shirt at the door for the menu. He looked disinterested, probably not too impressed by us. He went to the cafe next door, got the menu and shoved it to me.

Considering his attitude and the not-so-cheap prices for an unknown Chinese restaurant, we decided to ea elsewhere. To show him my displeasure, I took the menu, walked up to him and shoved it back at him, and told him 'Stuff it, a**hole' and walked off. Of course he started shouting at me as I walked off.

I am probably not the most accommodating person around but no apologies - that's what I am. If I am going to pay inflated prices for food - $29.80 for salted eggyolk prawns small, then I expect some basic manners from at least the guy at the door.

No I don't know whether the food is good or not, but I will certainly not go back there unless I want to start a quarrel with the man at the door again, or his staff.