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Greenhouse showcases international flavours and local favourites on buffet or á la carte. Seafood aficionados may dive into their delectable buffet dinners and savour Singapore’s iconic dish – chili or peppered crabs, along with a rotation of scallops, oysters, slipper lobsters and Japanese sushi and sashimi.

Daily: 06:30 - 22:30

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Buffet (47 votes), Dinner (27 votes), Quiet (19 votes)
Choo Yao Chuen

Seafood spread here is good

One of my favourite international buffet here in SG. I enjoy dining here due to the smaller crowd but yet good quality food. Spread of food may not be the greatest but its definitely well cooked and fresh. I particularly like their seafood spread for its freshness.

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  • Lobsters16 votes
  • seafood9 votes
  • buffet8 votes
  • oysters8 votes
  • sashimi8 votes
  • ice cream4 votes
  • Creme brulee3 votes
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Based on 95 votes
01 Dec 2014 • 72 reviews • 0 follower

Seafood spread here is good

One of my favourite international buffet here in SG. I enjoy dining here due to the smaller crowd but yet good quality food. Spread of food may not be the greatest but its definitely well cooked and fresh. I particularly like their seafood spread for its freshness.
17 Nov 2014 • 6 reviews • 0 follower

Awesome food and service!

Had the buffet dinner this past Sunday night. Mini burgers were served, they were soooo good. The roast beef was pretty good, with sweet and juicy chestnuts and mashed potatoes with truffle oil. The oysters were a tad too salty for my tastes, but creamy and delicious nevertheless. Perhaps the best part was when the scallops ran out, the staff replenished with lobster claws, perhaps leftover from Sunday lunch. They were big, fresh, sweet and juicy too. Desserts were especially good - lychee ice cream was served which I enjoyed. I heard the desserts were good too, unfortunately I was too stuffed to enjoy them.
03 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

disappointed :-(

Read gd reviews on the buffet but was utterly disappointed.
Variety is rather limited. Dont even have a pasta corner or serve any pizza. Sushi rice is dry and not fresh.
Fruit: melon not sweet. Guava colour changed to a little brown after placed there for some time. Watermelon finished and took a long while before replenishment. Served whole apple & pear without slicing. 
The chef cooking the lobster is busy since we sat down around 645pm till we left around 830pm & been pulling a long face. What type of service standard is tis?
With the price i paid, the food and service standard is far off expectation.
Will not be back....
The waiters & waitresses are the better ones. Smile and greet when top up our water.
27 Sep 2014 • 6 reviews • 13 followers

A middling experience at the Green House

Went to The Greenhouse at The Ritz Carlton for my friend's birthday celebration yesterday. It was a mixed experience all in all.

It wasn't as crowded as i expected and the spread wasn't as comprehensive as i'll have hoped. Other than the thronged seafood counter, there were the likes of gourmet breads, Indian cuisine, Chinese dishes and a desert area.

The gourmet breads wasn't much to speak of , carbohydrate bombs that fills the tummies too quickly, i avoided it, the Indian cuisine was also pretty bare-boned with only two kinds of meat curries, neither really kept warm and the meats were slightly on the tough side.

The Chinese dishes were also middling, the soy sauced pork tasted like the type one would expect at mixed vegetable rice stalls, one highlight was the prawns stir-fried with bean sauce, the prawns were large and nicely flavored by the sauce. Everything else including the sweet and sour chicken were on the mediocre side though, once again resembling what you would expect at a food court, not a 6 star hotel. The chili crab wasn't particularly well divided portions wise and it was hard to retrieve the meat from within, it also wasn't replenished as far as i could observe.

On to the better parts of the buffet, the seafood counter was popular and rightly so , my date had her fair share of sashimi and oysters, both were delightfully received. I also enjoyed their version of hot plate crab craws and lobster tails and duly went for seconds. It was popular and often a queue of 5-10 would result, perhaps a clip based system found in the likes of Kushinbo would do better, surely a 6 star hotel's food establishment could do that? It was also surprising to not see scallops in any form.

On a slightly sour note, the chunky pork served in slices was served pink and tasted slightly on the raw side, not sure if that attributed to the slight tummy upset i had today , as far as i know pork are supposed to be well cooked. Pure speculation on my end though.

The desert counter was pretty decent, the cream brulee was creamy without being too clogging, the sherbert was sharp and tangy.

The roast counter was decent with crispy roasted pork and the laksa is alright, could have used more coconut milk.

Service was middling, getting offered a miniature birthday cake was nice but our water wasn't refilled as promptly as we'll have liked.

All in all, a middling experience.
01 Mar 2014 • 376 reviews • 3 followers

Greenhouse - great food and ambience

Having been to The Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton for lunch before, I decided to revisit this place, this time for international buffet dinner.   The warm, lavishly-furnished interior was what greeted us when we first stepped into the lush carpeting and under the elegant lightings of this beautiful dinery. The efficient service crew came over to serve drinks and place the napkins on our laps, standard procedure. I like the spacious setting and quietly-elaborate ambience.   Amongst all the goodies loaded on the trays and tables, it took some time for me to get started, wondering which station to begin at. As such, I decided that cold food was the way to go - I liked the assortment of salads available. Ok, so they had the entire deck of greens (olives, lettuce, rocket salad etc), but they also have these cooked, delectable salads.   There is the Squid Salad - tasty and a rich contrast of textures between the chewy squid and the light crisp vegetables. There is the Smoked Duck Salad - not too salty smoked duck that is succulently decked in sweet-sour dressing. And appetizing Papaya Salad that preps the tastebuds for more good stuff to come.   I was ready to move on to the piping hot Indian fare. These spicy, mouthwatering items are Chicken Marsala, my favorite Pappadum Chips, the tasty Bryani rice and tantalizing Vegetable Curry redolent of chilli and coconut milk's flavors. The highlight at this station was the Duck Curry - the first time I tried - spicy, yes, but with a sourish tinge of tomatoes.      Back to some Chinese-styled vegetables stewing in the hot pans next to the Curries station. There are mushrooms, cauliflower, white cabbage, giant cherry tomatoes and asparagus for one to choose from this healthy array of non-meat items. However, I feel that the fresh greens should not be kept boiling in warm temperature - they were either mushy or hard to chew. It was a pity.   For more detailed information and photos, do check out: