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Top Must Try Dishes
Lobsters7 votes
sashimi7 votes
buffet6 votes
lobster4 votes
oysters4 votes
seafood4 votes
Creme brulee3 votes
Grilled Lobster and Sashimi3 votes
champagne brunch3 votes
cheese selection3 votes

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Buffet45 votes
Dinner27 votes
Quiet19 votes
Large Groups/Gathering18 votes
Children/Family17 votes
Live Band14 votes
Romance/First Dates14 votes
Girls Night Out12 votes
After Work10 votes
Lunch10 votes
Brunch9 votes
Business Dining8 votes
Chillout8 votes
Vibrant/Noisy8 votes
Fine Dining7 votes
Breakfast6 votes
Boys Night Out5 votes
Private Dining5 votes
Business Breakfast4 votes
Large Groups4 votes
Anniversary3 votes
Birthdays3 votes
Corporate Events3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • 01 Mar 2014 250 reviews 1 follower
Having been to The Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton for lunch before, I decided to revisit this place, this time for international buffet dinner.
The warm, lavishly-furnished interior was what greeted us when we first stepped into the lush carpeting and under the elegant lightings of this beautiful dinery. The efficient service crew came over to serve drinks and place the napkins on our laps, standard procedure. I like the spacious setting and quietly-elaborate ambience.
Amongst all the goodies loaded on the trays and tables, it took some time for me to get started, wondering which station to begin at. As such, I decided that cold food was the way to go - I liked the assortment of salads available. Ok, so they had the entire deck of greens (olives, lettuce, rocket salad etc), but they also have these cooked, delectable salads.
There is the Squid Salad - tasty and a rich contrast of textures between the chewy squid and the light crisp vegetables. There is the Smoked Duck Salad - not too salty smoked duck that is succulently decked in sweet-sour dressing. And appetizing Papaya Salad that preps the tastebuds for more good stuff to come.
I was ready to move on to the piping hot Indian fare. These spicy, mouthwatering items are Chicken Marsala, my favorite Pappadum Chips, the tasty Bryani rice and tantalizing Vegetable Curry redolent of chilli and coconut milk's flavors. The highlight at this station was the Duck Curry - the first time I tried - spicy, yes, but with a sourish tinge of tomatoes. 
Back to some Chinese-styled vegetables stewing in the hot pans next to the Curries station. There are mushrooms, cauliflower, white cabbage, giant cherry tomatoes and asparagus for one to choose from this healthy array of non-meat items. However, I feel that the fresh greens should not be kept boiling in warm temperature - they were either mushy or hard to chew. It was a pity.
For more detailed information and photos, do check out:
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I spent $84 per person.

Must tries: sashimi, Lobsters, buffet, oysters, lobster, Grilled Lobster and Sashimi, seafood, Creme brulee

I also recommend this place for:
Dinner, Fine Dining, Lunch
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 • 04 Jan 2014 151 reviews 1 follower
Please drop by here for a complete review and pictures.

Everything seemed so promising when we first entered Greenhouse- lots of natural light (check), witty quote by Virginia Woolf printed on its cards.

Interesting selection of bread. Unfortunately, I left my stomach space for other food instead. I tried the mushroom soup and it was rich, creamy and full of flavour with little chunks of mushroom in it.

I came back to this section again and again. I don't usually go for seconds when it comes to the salad/appetisers part, but the selection here was really quite good. Worthy of mention was the couscous and chicken. The chicken was admittedly a little tough but it went well with the couscous. The mushrooms were also bursting with juice.

The sushi and seafood section had a few hits and misses. I think Greenhouse tends to overcook its food- the cooked prawns were far too hard in some dishes, the char siew in the carving section while tasty, was too hard as well. Even the chawanmushi was lacking the jiggly consistency and instead felt more like Chinese steamed egg.

Talking about overcooking the food, I didn't take a picture of the Chinese food section. The salmon in lobster sauce was far too hard as well. I know you are concerned about us eating uncooked food... but still, this isn't the way to go! Other dishes included buffalo wings, vegetables in XO sauce etc. (all worth skipping).

The Indian food section was pretty good. I loved the pairing of nann and Chicken Curry!

If you dare display your desserts section at the entrance, my bet is that it has to be pretty good! So, there was a wonderful selection of ice cream- Good quality ice cream by the way. Not the normal supermarket chocolate/strawberry/vanilla.

But good times did not last. The kuehs were bad- I'd rather the dessert chefs stick to what they are good at as opposed to trying to make things that are not their specialities. The ondeh ondeh is one of the worst I have eaten in quite a while- extremely thick skin and no gula melaka splashing out at all! The rest of the kuehs were equally subpar.

These beautiful dainty little desserts, while at first appealing, turned out more appalling than appealing. Maybe that's putting it too strongly since the chocolate dessert was quite good. But see that orange thing in the picture, I took a bite of it, made a face and officially declared it the worst thing I have eaten in quite some time. I don't even know what it was because as you can tell, there are no signs!

The chocolate cake was rich and suitably bitter. The hazelnut cake, while acceptable, was a tad too sweet.

At $58++ for buffet lunch, the buffet was a letdown.
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Wendy Lim 721
 • 09 Dec 2013 43 reviews 16 followers
It’s not my first time dining at Greenhouse. The previous 2-3 times were also with my department and my impression was that the food selection wasn’t spectacular but the ambience is very relaxed given the spacious layout of the restaurant. This time round with the Christmas season around the corner, prices went up too – after taxes, each pax cost $72!

I was so impressed by the food selection that I had to snap pics of the various sections! I usually don’t (paiseh mah lol) but this time round I was really very happy with Greenhouse.

You can refer to for the pictures and full review.
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I spent $72 per person.

I also recommend this place for:

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